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The Real Holes In Climate Change Essay

The world is changing, temperatures are rising, and nature itself is changing due to the temperature. But what’s causing it? And how can we prevent this from happening? According to an article called, The Real Holes in Climate Science, created by a senior reporter, named, Quirin Schlermeter. Since 1999, Quirin has written for Nature about science and related policies in Germany, the European Union, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The article was published in 2010 and it talks about scientist agreeing that the Earth’s climate is changing, includes some of IPCC and how policy makers are applying it.

In results, I decided to analyzing this article, The Real Holes in Climate Science, along with my other sources supporting the idea of humans are the cause of climate change, due to carbon dioxide, reduce of greenhouse emission. However the public isn’t really reacting to it as an urgent problem. Green-house emissions gas are the main reason of global temperatures changing. More carbon dioxide is being produced by the cutting of trees and the burning fossil fuel. Pollution is the cause of transportation and other building industries.

Green house is the reason why we are still alive, because it observes the carbon dioxide letting out oxygen, for living things on earth to breathe. But more carbon dioxide is piling up, about “40% of carbon dioxide went up since 1790” (What You Need to Know). Having more of carbon dioxide will cause temperatures to rise causing global warming. And it’s not because of cows gas or volcanoes activity, they do cause some of carbon dioxide, but only “0. 2%, and humans produce about 35% of carbon dioxide”, according to the video called, climate change: what you need to know. As you can see humans produce more carbon dioxide than nature ntends to. In the article, The Real Holes in Climate science, Quirin quoted that, “humans are warming the climate, which is based on the extreme rate on the 21th century temperatures change” (Schiermeier 284). Based on this quote, humans warming the planet Earth, which could lead to serious problems near the future. Causing some changes in climate and its long term effects. Although, according to this article called, The Real Holes in Climate Science, some emails were leaked out from University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit. It was exposed to the public the “hidden” change in climate.

Though, researchers may not know all the knowledge about the Earth, but when they get the information, people intend to assume it’s a fraud. Sometimes they start not believing in it because they aren’t really seeing any harm, just a few small changes, which someone with no knowledge about the data, may say, “there is just small changes in the temperature but that’s how weather works. ” Yes there is small changes, but they don’t see the whole picture of the problem. There is some people who don’t believe in climate change, or that there is global warming, but those who do believe in it, don’t do anything about it.

Many people worry about it, yet climate change doesn’t get people’s attention. The only thing that humans pay attention is through pain. It could be physical pain or mentally. Just the thought of it, seeing your own family being in pain would hurt you. People will be more aware, if it was going to cause pain to them and those that they love. Because we are human, we connect things with our emotions. Just like in an article called, Google and the Misinformed Public, publish in 2017, the people will pay more attention when there is someone killing other people.

In the article it states “shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an AfricanAmerican teen, and the acquittal of his killer, George Zimmerman” (Noble). Many people would react to this and be emotionally attach. When we see there is no harm being done, then we do not react. Especially if you are already worrying about something, there is no room to worry about something else. So it would be hard for someone after reading the article called, The Real Holes in Climate Science, to apply to their life’s and act on it, when they have so many other things to worry about.

In this video called “Why people don’t believe in climate change”, it introduces why people don’t really care much of climate change. It was said that “If your part of a social group, and you stand out, you will not belong to a group because you are different” (Why People Don’t Believe in Climate Science). People are afraid to stand out, because they are afraid of others judging them and not belonging to a group. So the thought of climate change, there will be no plan for it. Even though, about “97% of scientist are in agreement about climate change” (Why People Don’t Believe in Climate Science).

This great amount of percentage, still doesn’t have the public full trust. In the other hand, researchers try to collect data, to predict the outcomes of climate change, by using the climate model. In the article called, “Real Holes in Climate Science” mentions about the IPCC in 2007, that there were uncertain measurements on past temperatures. Scientist and researchers are trying their best to understand the climate, but it is very hard to predict the outcomes, where there is so much going around the world, doing different things.

To know more about the climate, one must understand the tools for understanding the processes. For example, “the water flow, in 2050, Colorado River will decrease, if researchers can improve how the climate will simulate with certain variables it be good to forecast for policy makers” (Schiermeier 285) With scientist collecting more data, it will be more reliable to not only policy makers, but to the public. Although, lots of experts are cautious on making future predictions, because the climate is always changing and data will change because of different results.

Leonard Smith, a statistician and climate analyst at the London School of Economics and Political Science, says “Our current climate models are just not up to informed decision-making at the resolution of most countries” (Schiermeier 285). The climate models can’t always be accurate, into the decision making, but it doesn’t mean its useless information. It becomes very hard to predict new change because of human activity. One of the main weakness about climate models that it “can’t simulate vertical air movement, for example, humid air could lift up to the atmosphere, effecting the climate change. (Schiermeier 285) Knowing more about Earth will certainly change the results of climate models. So it is certainly to wait on a certain thing that will happen, then to spend huge amount of money on projects that are not worth. In addition, with earth temperatures changing, it increases evaporation, “dry subtropical areas and increase a higher latitude” (Schiermeier 286). Many changes will be applied, since almost a full degree around the world has increases in temperature, and “earth observes 90% of heat into the oceans” (What You Need to Know).

Making the ice break off in the North Pole and sending off pieces of ice out into the ocean and making sea level rise. When sea level rises, most of our lands will be cover with water, and when our lands are cover with water, many homes will be lost. In the video of “what you need to know” It reports that, about “40% of ice in the North Pole decreased since 1978” (What You Need to Know). Which was not that long ago, just a couple of years, now imagine if we humans keep producing the same carbon dioxide in the same amount of years, almost the who North Pole will be melted.

In addition to sea level rising, a lot of carbon dioxide is trapped in the oceans, which cause PH. The carbon effects greatly on shells, and it would affect fishes and other sea creatures, with the pollution increases. Many countries who people depend on sea food, as protein. (What You Need to Know). The rise of temperature has rose to “1. 0 degrees F to 1. 4 degrees F in the last century” (What You Need to Know ). “97% of scientist agree” that this is not caused by the orbital variation but human activity (What You Need to Know). We know this ecause we are putting carbon dioxide in the air and the Earth is getting warmer at a faster rate, we can look at the neutrons in the ice or you can know this by looking at the rings on trees during warm season, cold season rises. And you can see that the Earth is getting warmer. And that’s the problem, its not that there is more carbon dioxide in the air, the problem is the spend that is changing. The tree rings thickness reflects on the temperatures. Many scientist collected data from this and the results were that for the “past 150 years temperatures were rising” (Schiermeier 287).

It’s not global warming anymore its climate change, and everyday year, every month, every day and every minute, the climate is changing. Carbon dioxide is useful though, it’s not bad; we just make more of it too much, which is bad. And too much of anything is bad. Without carbon dioxide, life on earth would not be possible. The IPCC who are scientist experts on climate, although there is two groups. Group 1 IPCC, the ones that think human activity is the change of climate. And Group 2, the skeptics, where they think there is many things that causes carbon dioxide, and it could be anything effecting the Earth.

But they both agree on these concepts, that there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the air. But group one would say “the longterm predictions of future climate states is not possible” (Schiermeier 285). Yet they both agree that the Earth is always changing no matter what. But we know that it is going at a fast rate that ever. Are leaders are doing something about it? Yes. “On April 22, 2016 on Earth day”, the Paris agreement was signed by leaders from all contents and parties. The agreement was to make an effort to combat climate change and adapt its effects. It will strength the global response on threat of climate change.

But this treaty is volunteering, so they can choose not to help with it and not do their job and support it. Now that we have a new president and he claimed that it was a hoax. This can mean new changes to the treaty, he might not even support it at all, because he doesn’t believe that the climate is changing drastically. It is very hard to predict what will happen near the future, we a new presidency and a new whole staff of politicians. Not knowing what will happen, it is a scary feeling. We as humans always try to predict what will happen next, because it makes us feel better to know.

But no one really knows exactly, any slight change can affect the results. According to the article called, The Real Holes in Climate Science, the best that we can do, is plan for the future, even with not enough information. It is always better to be prepared than, not at all. The author claims that “to plan for the future, the people will need to know that their local conditions will change” (Schiermeier 285). Planning for the future is a big thing, so it takes a great amount to people to work together, which is almost nearly impossible. But the United Nations did it on the Pairs Agreement, so why can’t we?

This Article is reliable because it includes pieces of the climate model and it is edit by scientist. In addition it explain some of IPCC documents. People would read this if they wanted to know about the climate, yet scientist would agree upon what they read on this article. The changes in climate is on data. Scientist almost all agree that human are the cause of climate change. Public is still unsure that humans are the cause of climate change. But if someone were to read the article. They will be informed that climate change is a huge problem and something should be done about it.

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