Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

“This is not some distant problem of the future. This is a problem that is affecting americans right now. Whether it means increased flooding, greater vulnerability to droughts, more severe wildfires–all these things are having an impact on americans as we speak. ” – U. S. President Barack Obama. Global warming is an issue filled … Read more

Arctic Ice Cap Effect

Although global temperatures fluctuate naturally, over the past 50 years the average global temperature has augmented at its fastest rate in recorded history. The emission of greenhouse gasses such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Methane (CH4) render the Earth’s atmosphere more transparent to visible radiation from the sun than to infrared radiation … Read more

Ocean Anthropogenic Climate Change

The ocean is home to many of the most prominent, yet commonly looked over, indicators of anthropogenic climate change present in society today. Often these indicators are in connection with many other obvious, more recognized factors such as the emission of greenhouse gases or the drastic change in global temperatures. More specifically, ocean acidity can … Read more

Climate Change In Australia

Climate change and pollution have immensely increased every day and this rise is beginning to take a serious toll on Australia’s environment and wildlife. Modern Australians habits, lifestyles and attitudes have caused severe problems on wildlife and nature that will continue getting more serious unless action is taken. This essay will be discussing how climate … Read more

The Real Holes In Climate Change Essay

The world is changing, temperatures are rising, and nature itself is changing due to the temperature. But what’s causing it? And how can we prevent this from happening? According to an article called, The Real Holes in Climate Science, created by a senior reporter, named, Quirin Schlermeter. Since 1999, Quirin has written for Nature about … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Polar Ice Glaciers Research Paper

The melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers produce negative effects on environment and humans, including habitat destruction and disruption of animal lives. The ice glaciers are slowly melting over time resulting a rise of sea-level. The cause for the sea-level increasing is global warming. The planet’s heat is increasing slowly over time creating … Read more

Black Saturday Bushfire Essay

Introduction During the final week of January 2009, Victoria endured one of its most severe and prolonged heatwaves. The temperature in Melbourne was above 43°C for three consecutive days for the first time since records had been kept. Saturday 7 February was forecast to reach temperatures in the low 40s, accompanied by strong winds, igniting … Read more

The Time Machine Herbert George Wells

Herbert George Wells was born in 1866 in Bromley, Kent, a few miles from London, the son of a house-maid and gardener. Wells died in 1946, a wealthy and famous author, having seen science fiction become a recognized literary form and having seen the world realize some of science fiction’s fondest dreams and worst fears. … Read more

The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect occurs when gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and CFCs trap heat in the atmosphere by acting as a pane of glass in a car. The glass lets the sunlight in to make heat, but when the heat tries to get out the gases absorb the heat. Holding this heat … Read more

Climate change (term paper)

Climate change (term paper) Summary: This paper looks at the controversial issue of climatic change.  In particular, it develops the question of if and why earths climate is changing?  The roles of man, naturally occurring trends, and earths cycles are considered, and an outlook for what can be expected in the near and distant future … Read more