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Essay about How Did Eleanor Roosevelt Stand In History

Eleanor Roosevelt was a very important activist. Although at the time people thought that she was stepping out of her place as a woman, she altered the role of the first lady. She spoke up for women’s rights, African American rights, and she helped the kids and the poor. She stood up for a African American singer and she created a program called Val-Kill to give jobs to the youth. The first reason why she took a stand in history was because she stood up for African Americans. The first way she stood up for African Americans was by helping a African American singer, Marian Anderson.

Marian Anderson was denied the use of Washington’s constitution Hall. She was denied because of her race. Eleanor wrote a letter to the Washington Constitution hall saying, “I am in complete disagreement with the attitude taken in refusing Constitution Hall to a great artist. ” Eleanor Roosevelt was very mad about Marian Anderson being denied. Eleanor Roosevelt set up a concert for Marian Anderson. 75,00 people came to watch her perform. for African Americans is that she promoted equal rights for African Americans.

When officials separated people by their races Eleanor would get very mad and would bring a folding hair to every convention and sit in the center of the aisle because she didn’t like the separation, she did this so that everyone knew how she felt about racial discrimination. She did not like racial discrimination at all she joined many leagues to get rid of racial discrimination. She was part of the United Nations Human Rights Commision. She helped write the Universal Declaration of Human RIghts.

She promoted equal rights. hat African Americans were never allowed to get in touch with Another way she took a stand One last way she stood up for African Americans was the president, but she changed that and allowed them to get in ouch with the president. Eleanor Roosevelt got a lot of letters and she would write back to them. She thought that everyone should be allowed to get in touch with the president. She would pick about fifty letters a day to read. Those are some ways that Eleanor Roosevelt took a stand for African Americans and changed racial discrimination.

She also took away all the “colored people” only signs because she thought it wasn’t fair. The second reason how she took a stand in history was that she helped the poor and the kids that were poor. The first way she helped the poor and kids that didn’t have any jobs to get there amily money is that she created the program Val-Kill. Val-Kill was a furniture industry that gave young kids jobs so that they could earn money. In the cottage where Val-Kill was held Eleanor sometimes hosted workshops for citizenship. Val-Kill did pretty well as an industry.

This gesture that Eleanor Roosevelt made was very helpful for the youth and the poor. way she helped the poor and the youth is that she was part of the National Consumers League. The National Consumers League was a group that helped with worker safety and helped immigrant kids. She was the vice president of the National Consumers league. National Consumer League wanted national health insurance, unemployment insurance, social security legislation, and made food and drug safety laws. Another way that she helped the poor and children was that she visited schools and talked to schools.

She taught history and literature classes to children. She taught immigrant kids as a volunteer teacher. She taught the Junior League of New York. She also helped volunteer at St. Elizabeth hospital. she helped the youth and poor was that she did everything to help make the poor lives much better for them. She worked in the Red Cross. She went to visit the veterans at hospitals and went to hospitals to make sure that their living conditions were good. She even sometimes traveled to visit the poor and the veterans in the hospital.

She wouldn’t wear any clothes that Another One last way that were made in unfair labor because she did not like the idea of unfair labor and thought that every should get paid for the work they did. She visited a coal mine. Those are some ways that she helped the poor and kids who didn’t have any jobs so they couldn’t make money for their self to live. she took a stand in history and in my opinion one of the biggest easons why she is famous for is that she took a stand for women. When she was younger she went to a private school and her headmistress wanted rights for women.

She even is known as the leader of women’s rights and she is a role model for women. At the time that she was living women couldn’t vote, weren’t involved in politics, and were treated differently than men. That soon changed when she got into politics. She made sure that women got treated equally. The first way she took a stand for women is that she wanted them to get involved in politics. She did this by holding press conferences for women only. She believed that women should get more involved in politics and at the time it was only men’s jobs to be part of politics.

She had a newspaper column, “My Day” and she talked about women issues etc before her husband, Franklin Roosevelt My last reason why got elected president. Another way she took a stand for women is that she fought for better working conditions for women. She tried to limit the number of hours women had to work because she thought it was unfair for women to work for a long time and then go home and cook for their family and never have free time. She stood up for women in the things that she rote. She made a day care for when women had to work and they had children.

She made a day care because some women had to work all day and they had to watch their children so since she was getting letters asking for help she decided to create a daycare program. The day care program was just where they could put their children at the place they work and have people One last way that she took a stand for women was that she was part of the program Women of the New Deal. The New Deal was a program watch over them while the mothers work. trying to get women work opportunities. She spent most of her ime working on the women’s movement.

She was part of many women leagues such as, the League of woman voters, the women’s trade union league, and the National Consumers league. She wrote many articles and gave many speeches about her opinion on women rights and she became very famous for her supporting women’s rights. a shy awkward woman she was one of the most popular woman involved in politics. She took a stand for women’s rights, helped the poor and children, and took a stand for African Americans. She wasn’t just a normal first lady because she was outspoken and she is known as one of the most outspoken women in istory.

She wasn’t afraid to say what she believed. She was a very brave woman because she was often criticized by people because of her looks, but that didn’t stop her from saying what she believed. She is now looe up to as a role model by women. She is known for a lot of the good gestures that she did, but in my essay I chose to write about the one that I felt were the most important ones. Eleanor Roosevelt may have been a shy awkward lady and criticized by many people, but that didn’t stop her from anything. She is known for being one of the best First Lady ever.

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