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Canadian history human rights

In fact, in the sass’s and sass’s, only a few races were allowed to live their lives free of racism and discrimination. Other races Including the Jews, Aboriginals and Asians were heavily discriminated against and had to face extreme hardships to attain something as simple as their basic human rights. Anta-Smelts or extreme prejudice against Jews and people of Jewish descent was prevalent in the sass’s and ass’s. Everyone including organizations like the Social Credit Party, the Orange Order, the ASK and the Native Sons of Canada were rife with anti-Jewish attitudes.

It was very problematic for Jews to find Job and even certified, well-educated Jews were lucky if they had one. Educational institutions such as universities would often disregard Jewish people’s applications, they were not allowed to participate In anything related to the government and politics and they were defamed in Canadian society. In addition, there were restrictive covenants on properties (thecanadianencyclopedia) that didn’t allow Jews to purchase property which meant that thousands of Jewish people had little to no shelter.

Finally, Prime Minister King himself stated that, “Jewish immigration would pollute Canada’s bloodstream,” and he even ordered his government to ensure that Jews would not be lowed in Canada during the late Us. As you can see, the Jews were certainly plummeted during the ass’s and ASS and they were not given their basic human rights. Another group that was adulterated against, even worse stripped away from their culture was the Aboriginals.

The Aboriginals were the first people that set foot on Canada and they had lived on its soil for many generations. In the sass’s and ass’s, instead of trying to preserve their culture and way of life, Canada did the exact opposite. For example, in 1921, forty five Kuwait Aboriginal people were arrested for eliding a potlatch ceremony In their village. It was thought that Aboriginal languages and cultures must be eradicated to assimilate Into a superior way of life.

The first thing the government did was that they funded church run residential school for Aboriginal children to attend. In these residential schools, the children were often physically and sexually abused and had little connection with their parents. Can you imagine how hard living without the love and nurture of your parents could be? Additionally, the government took away almost all of the Aboriginals’ land and isolated the other Aboriginals on reserves In which they were assimilated through European agriculture, education and Charlatanry.

For Instance, The William Treaties of 1923 forced the Ojibwa people to give up their land in central Ontario which killed their fishing industry, a major source of food and money for the Jojoba’s. All in all, what the Canadians did to the Aboriginals in the ass’s and ass’s was simply unjust and selfish. Canada simply failed to give the Aboriginals their human rights instead of cherishing their interesting and profound lifestyle and culture. The uses and ass’s Saskatchewan, anti-Asian sentiment was endemic from the sass’s all the way until the sass’s.

They were mainly regarded as aliens and inferior. Also, Asian people were mostly used for hard, strenuous labor and only paid a fraction of what other workers would get. Not only that, but all Asian immigrants were given a “head tax” by which they had to pay extra taxes to the government strictly because they were of Asian descent. Like most other non-British and non-French citizens in Canada, Asians had no right to vote, very little economic power, trouble finding housing and employment ND they were completely insignificant in Canadian society.

In fact, to show how much Canada disliked Asians, in 1923 Parliament even passed the Chinese Immigration Act which completely eradicated all Asians from entering Canada. This behavior shows the favoritism that the Canadian government has towards only some races and the extreme discrimination towards others like the Asians. In conclusion, it is evident that the sass’s and sass’s were not a time period of progress for human rights in Canada because of the vast discrimination of different races that existed during that time period. Everyone in Canada was not equal in that time.

Only a small portion of the Canadian population was deemed acceptable or worthy to be treated fairly and have their fundamental human rights. The rest including Jews, Asians and the Aboriginals were essentially swept to the bottom of the hierarchy and had to live under unjust prejudice and discrimination. I believe that that’s utterly inhumane and that shows no equal distribution of human rights. However, what’s important is that through these experiences we’ve learned to treat everyone equally and that everyone is entitled to their basic human rights.

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