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Art History through the Century

Mycenaean s a civilization that thrived on mainland Greece and built fortified palaces high up in their cities What is the title of this image? Lion Gate at Mycenae Where is this structure located? Crete Minotaur is a creature from Greek mythology that was half-man and half-bull. This image is representative of which stylistic period? Cycladic Cyclades are a group Of islands between Greece and Asia Minor, which produced many marble figurines. Cyclopean are huge boulders that were used in the construction of fortified walls and masonry.

Homer is the Greek epic poet who wrote the Iliad. The image incorporates which of the following stylistic terms? Contrasts Priestess sculpted Hermes and Dionysus. Contrasts means “to stand against” and refers to a relaxed stance. Golden Age of Greece corresponds to the Early and High Classical periods. Archaic Smile The Calf Bearer sculpture has this element. The sculpture is representative of which stylistic period? Late Classical Archaic Who sculpted this statue? Oligopoly Doorposts is the perfect example of the canon of proportions.

The image shown here is from what part of a Greek temple? Pediment The triangular area at the peak of a temple’s roof, which contains sculptural programs narrating events from the lives Of the gods, is called the pediment Caryatids are: Columns in the form of women This building was created using what arch textural order? Doric The Athena Parthenon refers specifically to which aspect of Athena? Virgin The acropolis refers to: the highest point of the city A three-grooved panel on a Doric frieze that alternates with mottoes is called what?

Tryingly A plain or decorated slab on a Doric frieze which alternates with the triptychs s called the Mottoes This temple IS representative of which of the following stylistic periods? High Classical The Porch of Maidens refers to which of the following temples? Erection The part of a building above the columns that contains three parts the architrave, frieze, and pediment ? is called the untreatable What type of column is considered to be the matronly order, is more elegant and slender in its proportions than other orders, and is recognizable by the pair of volutes (or curls) in its capital?

Ionic Who commissioned the Pantheon? Hadrian The Augustus Prima Porto was inspired by which of the following? The Which of the following is a complex of structures in the sacred heart of Rome? For um Which of the following is an example of the encrusting technique? The Mummy Portrait from Family Who commissioned the Coliseum? Passive What was the function Of the pantheon? Temple of all the gods The image shown here contains which of the following: Both Culls and Coffers This building was largely a civic structure to conduct business and within the SSE to conduct legal courts of justice.

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