Chhydra Serpentine Research Paper

Chelydra serpentine belongs to the kingdom Animalia because they are multicellular and eukaryotic heterotrophs. They also belong to the phylum Chordata because they had the following features at some point in their lives: pharyngeal slits, dorsal nerve cord, notochord, post-anal tail. Chelydra serpentine have waterproof skin covered in scales, are ectothermic and have hard shelled … Read more

Sex Ratios In Sea Turtles Essay

Sea turtles are threatened and endangered throughout their natural range due to various anthropogenic interferences, such as poaching and habitat destruction (World… c2016). Sea turtles provide many ecological benefits, such as acting as distributors of nutrients and sculptors of both terrestrial and marine substrate (Mancini et al. 2011). However, global climate change is threatening sea … Read more