Personal Narrative: Surfs Up

“Good afternoon, ladies and gents. Welcome to the annual surfing world championship. Also, what a gorgeous day we have out here. Today, June 10, 1982, is the 10th surfing competition here is Hawaii. I just wanted to mention I am honored to be here and be the commentator for today. Let’s meet the judges, shall … Read more

Gender Stereotypes In Surfing Essay

“There are about 5 million people in the world who surf, and ten to fifteen percent of them are women” (Endo, 2010). The women also purchase around 500 million dollars’ worth of surf and skate product a year, making it easy to say women have a big impact on surf culture and are becoming more … Read more

Stand Up Paddleboarding Research Paper

What’s SUP: Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Idaho Are you looking for a new form of exploration? Something unique and different from the everyday hike or rafting trip? Then stand up paddle boarding may be just what you’re looking for. Similar to surfing, stand up paddleboarding combines the appeal of riding waves with the idea … Read more