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Causes Of Climate Change Skeptics

There are many common arguments used by climate change skeptics. There is both human caused and non-human caused climate changes. Global warming may be a hoax or due to changes in nature. Natural changes such as sunspots and orbital change has had an effect on climate. Sun spots have been investigated since the 1800’s. Research published by the Journal of Atmospherics and solar terrestrial physics have concluded “the sun has a significant role to play in long-term and short-term climate change. ” Another reason may be changed in the earth’s orbit.

The orbit can vary 22 -25 degrees. Scientists from Nasa jet Propulsion laboratory say that the current melting of ice is changing the tilt by 2. 6 centimeters each year. Another argument on anthropogenic is that global warming is not true at all. It is based on exaggeration caused by one way adjustments to warming trends. An example of this was exposed in 2007. Steve McIntre found information showing a graph from James Hanson showing that the temperatures were at the highest in the artic in 1940. At which time the atretic ice retreated farther than it is now.

Temperatures have lowered since then. WWW. telegraph. co. uk “The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever” www. livescience. com “The climate change debate man vs. nature” Part II Man, vs Nature. Scientists have realized is causing more damage to the environment then nature is. Science has proven that it is greatly likely that warming trends are human induced. According to data from Climate. Nasa. gov warming trends are preceding at a rate that is unpresented in the past 1300 years.

Satellites and new technology have allowed scientist to see the bigger picture. Nasa has no questions that greenhouse gasses have caused the Earth to warm. Carbon dioxide and other gassed are trapped in our atmosphere. Since the industrial revolution the acidity of the surface of the ocean has increased by 30%. This is as a result of human releasing more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. The amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the ocean is increasing by two billion tons per year. This data was proven by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration (NOAA).

According to NOAA Humans contribute to climate change by causing change in earth’s atmosphere in the amounts of greenhouse gasses. Human activities result in emissions in three principal greenhouse gasses: carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Co2 has increased because of the use of transportation, building heating and cooling, and manufacturing of goods. Methane has increased as a result of human activities related to agriculture, natural gas distribution, and landfills. Nitrous oxide is emitted into the earth’s atmosphere by use of fertilizers and burning of fossil fuels.

According to A time for change Co2 and global warming show that the warming of 2 degrees Celsius corresponds to a carbon dioxide concentration of about 450 ppm. The CO2 concentration has already become as high as 380 ppm and raises on average 2-3 ppm each year. This is critical because in approximately 20 to 30 years the catastrophic changed may occur in the environment. Temperature from four international science institutions dating from 1880-2020 all show rapid warming in the past few decades.

Data sources for this information are Nasa’s goddard infatuate for spans and studies, NOAA, Met office Hadley Centre/climate research unit, and the Japanese meteorological agency show that 97% of scientists published in peer review scientist journals agree that climate warming is likely due to human activities. In data published in 1986 showed the top 100 meter of permafrost was warmer compared to deeper levels. The cause of this was the rise of Artic air temperature by a few degrees. This evidence from 1986 was proven by a scientist that published the article on History. ip. org.

A current event by Kastalia Medrano on April 6th 2017 titled Global warming is turning the Arctic into the Atlantic. This article states the importance of heathy sea ice. The heat released from more open arctic ocean will affect the mid latitude weather patterns. Researchers are using satellites to monitor the effects of global ocean warming. The Global warming is causing the sea ice to melt rapidly which also effect the freshwater. The Artic sea ice loss is the leading metric for climate change and can be attributed to atmospheric forcing.

Climate change deniers continue to put out conspiracies theory’s. The movement to stop manmade climate change and deny its insistence is growing. The top ten conspiracies that the website proved wrong were: 10. tesla cars pollute more than gas-consuming cars, 9. ocean acidification isn’t real, 8. climate change is natural, 7. deniers are going to be put in jail, 6. it’s a Chinese hoax, 5. population will be forced into cities, 4. it’s a grab for taxpayer dollars, 3. it’s anti-Russia propaganda, 2. it’s all a united nations power play, and 1. 97 percent of scientists are lying.

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