Essay On Minecraft

The Minecraft community is one of the most unique and innovative online communities anyone could be a part of. From the educational sector where teachers are adapting the game to meet educational purposes, to the 51-year-old adult building a city after work to blow off steam. This game defies age ranges, teaches critical thinking, and … Read more

Essay about Mitch Parker Quotes

In the play Joker in the Pack by Charles Cohen, the lead character, Mitch Parker, is alienated by everyone in his life. The play leads us to believe that Mitch’s Father frequently bullies him and puts him down and makes him feel unworthy. Mitch’s friends also alienate him as they constantly tease him and physical … Read more

Edmond Rostands Cyrano De Bergerac Essay

The titular character of Edmond Rostand’s 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac is a deeply complicated man, a hero with many insecurities and many desires he hides behind a facade of bravado. However, there are no soliloquies to help understand these motivations and personality. Instead, the audience learns this information through his interactions with several minor … Read more

Metamorphoses Play Analysis Essay

The name of the play I watched was called Metamorphoses. It was located in the University Theatre in California State University, Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA. The writer of this play was Mary Zimmerman and was directed by Mary Herman. The actors who participated in this play were Gerson, Amber, Yesenia, Jonathan, Alex, Marilyn, Nikolai, … Read more

Our Town Play Analysis Essay

In February 1938, during the Great Depression, Our Town opened on Broadway, Tappen Wilder in the afterword states, “in spite of mixed reviews when the box-office opened Saturday morning there were 26 people in line; the line continued all day, the police had to close it for ten minutes so the audience could get into … Read more

Personal Narrative: An Open Layup Essay

Lizzie always gets those layups and fouls, likewise she drives in for a layup just like any other situation. Next thing you know, I find Lizzie’s head pinned to the ground, and blood just starts rolling out from her knee. In the meantime, Lexi and I go lie on the ground with Lizzie. I was … Read more

Informative Essay On Middle School Sports

The animals are ready to burst out of their cages and breathe the fresh air of middle school grounds. Students frantically begin to hush their peers in order to be the first let out. In the jungle, there are always two or three monkeys that decide to create chaos. Among the others, mumbling could be … Read more

Civil Disobedience In Antigone Essay

The play Antigone is a tragedy play that most of the characters were killed at the end. The central theme of this play is “civil disobedience” and is about the controversies between gender, power, age, religion, beliefs, and laws. The script begins with Antigone asking Ismene to bury their brother because Creon, their uncle passed … Read more

Witch Of Wall Street

A musical based on the life of Americas first great female financier, Hetty Green After watching the play, The Witch of Wall Street, and giving it a lot of thought I have analyzed the questions we were given and decided that just answering one wouldnt do the play or the storyline any justice. Therefore I … Read more