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Bill Belichick Do Your Job Analysis Essay

“Do your job. ” A simple quote by Bill Belichick (New England Patriots Head Football Coach) but this quote means a lot about my character. The reason it means a lot to me is because if you work tremendously hard and do your job your team will be successful. My head football coach, Mike Rowe uses this quote as well and adds “If everybody does your job you will be successful. Trust your teammates since they will fight for you and the rest of the team. ” I am tying this quote to football but it can be used in any team sport you are involved in.

Football teaches character and that’s why I love it so much. I’ve learned so much about myself and how I want to live my life just from being in football. It was a dreadful cold fall morning on November 7th and I was getting ready to board the bus for a state football game against the Becker Bulldogs. The police escorted us to Saint Cloud State under a lot of care. Even though I was a freshman and didn’t play much varsity, I was getting to see what it was state is like. My coaches gave me the opportunity to come along to dress and I couldn’t thank them enough.

We lost twenty-four to zero and it was the senior’s last game of their high school football career. Some of the players were crying and I couldn’t blame them. It really made me think how much dedication and time they have put in to make this an opportunity of a life time. The theme last year was “Climb the Mountain. ” Our varsity team had gotten to the top by making it to state. At the end of that game I had made a promise with myself that I would play varsity the following year by working hard and putting time in the weight room.

Football was over for now I was focusing on the following season already. The first time I went to the weight room in the winter we had to max out. I was nervous and my heart was pounding out of my chest as if I were having a heart attack. I had to clean, bench, and squat. I started with squat and I was happy with my weight. Second was bench and it was my least favorite lift. Even though I wasn’t that big I had good technique and I pushed more weight than the bigger kids. Third lift was clean. By far I had one of the best techniques in the school on this lift.

I stepped on the platform and grasped my hands on the bar. I jolted my body up and squatted under the bar in a matter of a second. Throughout the next eight months I improved in all types of areas. I got faster, stronger, and smarter. Football was right around the corner and I was ready to earn a varsity spot. It was the first team camp of the football season and everybody gathered around Coach Rowe. He congratulated us on how we were the strongest group of football players he had ever had. He was excited and eager to get started and so was I.

He split us into defensive groups and that was the spot I was thrilled to compete for. The defensive coach James Herberg had us line up with a partner and have one on ones. I lined up on defense and literally shut down the receiver. Coach Herberg was very impressed and called me over to varsity side. I was lined up against a true varsity receiver and I did exceptionally well when I prevented him from catching the ball. Throughout the summer practices and team camps I kept improving my technique.

When the first game was approaching I was getting eager to see who would be stepping out on the field and playing on Friday nights. It was the first game and I wasn’t starting but I had to be patience since I would get my chance sometime this season. However, I was in a package against Big Lake and I shut down receiver. The following week in practice while I was working harder than even Coach Herberg came up to me and said “I’m starting you at the corner this week. You had a good game and you deserve it. Good job kid. ” We were playing Willmar and I was very nervous.

It was my first varsity start. Coaches said that was normal and said for me to relax. I played extremely well and I was very proud of myself. The following three weeks I have started and became more confrontable with playing on Friday night. My focus level was as high as ever and I was improving my talent day by day. Hard work does really pay off. I worked hard and did my job throughout the year and on the field. I listened to my coaches and stayed true to myself and I sure did pay off. I’m playing varsity and had kept the promise I had with myself last year.

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