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Metamorphoses Play Analysis Essay

The name of the play I watched was called Metamorphoses. It was located in the University Theatre in California State University, Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA. The writer of this play was Mary Zimmerman and was directed by Mary Herman. The actors who participated in this play were Gerson, Amber, Yesenia, Jonathan, Alex, Marilyn, Nikolai, Byronique, Jasmine, Jose, Krystija, Devonta, Vince and lastly Brandon. Also our Production crew who did a phenomenal job. Choreographer Marco, my wonderful public speaking professor. Stage manager Lannette and her assistant stage managers who were Jasmine nd Rose.

Set Designer Hazel, Sound designer Corinne, Light designer crystal, Costume designer Carin and assistant sound designer which is Katelyn. We have our sound operator Mayra and our light operator Eric. Running crew Daniel and Amazha and costume crew Paisley, Sherrelle and Andrea. Props Zantino, Grace and Donetta. Our House Manager Michelle and finally our shop foreman which is Evan. I really enjoyed watching this play and seeing all the hard work these people put to manage this play. The central character in the play Metamorphoses is water. Is hows how the water gives or takes our lives.

This play talked about the life of nine Greek goddesses and each story had something in common. Well, what is it? Water. The first play was about a rich man named Midas he was a man that loved the sound of gold. He wanted everything to turn into gold. Well someone hear about his wish which was Dionysus and of course granted his wish which he thought it wasn’t a good idea but, Midas didn’t care. So he went on and enjoyed touching everything but then his daughter comes running to hug his and he screams to the top of this lungs for her not to touch her ather.

But of course his daughter turn into a statue of gold. He asks Dionysus to turn his daughter back but he said that there was probably one only way to change his daughter back. He had to find the river Pactolus to wash off this daughter. The second story was about the daughter of posiden and her husband. They were so much in love, they would do everything together but her husband had to go out into the sea. But his wife didn’t want him to go because it was very dangerous but he did not care he still went on. She seen the boat getting smaller and smaller as he waves were pushing him away.

Posidens daughter had a feeling that her husband wasn’t coming. Later on in his trip the waves were drastically rises and getting really bumpy, he and his crew died. But this spirit visited his wife which she got upset that he died because she knew it was going to happen and she begged him for her to go with him and they at least would have both died together. The third story was about the Goddess Smyrna she was a young girl who wants a boyfriend but wants someone like her father, she wanted her father. She wanted to ave sexual intercourse with him and knew it was a sin.

She didn’t want to think about it. But then she told a lady about it and helped her to have sexual intercourse with her father. She tricked the father into thinking that it was someone his daughter’s age that was very pretty. He agree to have sex with her and blind folded him to make sure he didn’t know who it was. They would have sex over and over again and he father was tired of no seeing who she was so, he took off the blind fold and was disgusted and angry to find out what he has done to his daughter. The fourth story was about Morpias and his wife, they were the happiest couple.

The day of their wedding the wife dies. Morpias was miserable, he didn’t know what to do. He cried and cried and asked if he can see his wife. He got his wish but this goddess told him that his wife would be behind him with a guard and can’t turn around and see her. If he fails to do so he wouldn’t be able to see his wife anymore. He got up and started walk for miles and was very tired. He ended up turning around because he wanted to make sure that his wife was actually behind him. But found out that his wife was actually there and the guard had to take her way.

But they gave him another chance to he kept walking and walking. But the wife started falling in love with the guard and when her husband made it to the gate he turned around and the wife didn’t recognize her husband anymore and left. The Fifth story was about this lovely women named Pomona, she loved the looks and smell of flowers. She was shy and to herself. But there was Fetumas the spring man who was madly in love with Pomona. He did everything to try and get her attention but it wasn’t working. He had to try something new to grab her attention.

Well he dressed as an old women to talk to Pomona to tell her that this young, handsome, funny man named Fetumas was great and should go out with him. She was a little freaked out but she knew that Fetumas was dressed as an old women and she told him to take off the costume and right when he did she kissed him. The sixth story was about Ramsey the sun Goddess son. He wanted to borrow his father’s car or motorcycle don’t remember what it was but he told him he had to be careful but he didn’t listen and ended up burning down the whole earth hich wasn’t good.

The seventh story was about this young lady that fell in love with her blind boyfriend well, he wasn’t actually blind he just had his face blindfolded. She was curious on how her looked so his girlfriend went looking for him until she seen him sleeping. She out the lantern on his face and was startled. The blind man punished her and was very upset that she seen him. The eighth story was about the Goddess Zeus and his friend. They came down to earth in costumes to hide so people would recognize him. They wanted to see who would open the oor for them and see who would help.

But they kept on walking and walking until one couple finally opened the door and was kind enough to let them in and offer them something to eat and drink. Zeus finally showed his faced and told them to make a wish. The couple wished to die together. There cottage turned grander and they grew old together. It was their time to die and they both dissolved and turned into tress. Later on Midas seen the river and his daughter wasn’t a gold statue anymore. The theme to these stories were the same color lighting with lanterns hanging off the ceiling.

The brown wooden floor and the color scheme from the backboard. The pond of water that every actor would step into. I personally think the performers were awesome the succeeded in this play. They grabbed their audience attention to every stories that was being told. They made people laugh, cry and smile. They showed passion through their voice and body movement. They made me feel like I was the one acting. After the play was over you just heard people still talking about it and how the dancing, acting and singling was wonderful. Five out of five stars.

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