Earlham Case Study

Earlham College was created in the late 1840’s by the Religious Society of Friends, who are better known as the Quakers. Today, the college accepts students of all religious backgrounds, but they still provide an education that is rooted in the essential Quaker values of peace, respect, integrity and social justice. There are only approximately … Read more

The Money Making Ponzi Scheme

According to the NCAA website, the NCAA has over 444,000 college student athletes. There are scholarships for some athletes but not all student-athletes receive scholarships. I myself am a scholarship football player here at Kutztown University, which means I receive a partial athletic scholarship for my athletic achievements in high school. There are many athletes … Read more

Concussions In High School Sports Essay

Each year, approximately 1. 6 to 3. 8 billion Americans receive concussions from sports and recreational activities. Many of the people suffering from concussions are involved in competitive sports, especially high school sport teams (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention). While participating in a high school sport is normal, the players would not want … Read more

Essay On Artificial Turf

As artificial turf grows in popularity, questions about health risks arise. It seems as though every school with an athletic field wants to install artificial turf. Some parents worry about their children spending time on fields that may produce cancer causing agents. Professional sports experts suggest artificial turf may cause more knee injuries to athletes … Read more

College Football Experience Essay

My career as a student-athlete was a catastrophe. My first two years was a rollercoaster ride filled with unbelievable twists and turns. The transition from high school to college can be a problematic experience for anyone, especially if they are not prepared or focused. Athletically, it became overwhelming to me because I wasn’t mentally prepared … Read more

Sustainability Of Rugby Essay

Rugby is regarded around the world as a high intensity, physical, and challenging sport. In the United States, it is regarded as a barbaric, un-regulated, and foolish sport. This misconception comes from the widely inaccurate notion that concussion among other injuries is inevitable in the sport. Rugby is beginning to take hold in high schools … Read more