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Reflection On The Service Learning Project: Octoberfest

My service learning project was Octoberfest. I helped set up the group’s table prior to Octoberfest starting. I restocked the candy as it was needed. I managed one of the games we had which was Boo’s bowling. One of my group members and I set up the bowling pins each time the kids knocked them down. It happened every two or three minutes. The game was a huge success with the kids, they loved it! They could not get enough of it, and some kids wanted to go more than once after they knocked down the pins. That is not the only game we had.

We also had a game where the kids would guess how many eyeballs were in a jar. If they got near the right answer or got the right answer, then they received a furry prize. The last game we offered was the picture square. This is a game where the kids would come and sit in one of the group member’s lap, and get their picture taken with us. They got candy for getting their picture taken. No matter what game the kids played they received candy or a prize, and the look on their faces were priceless as they received these items.

I felt great after this project. Me getting to help support a good event and put a smile on those kid’s faces was very heartwarming. My feelings did change from beginning the project to completing the project. In the beginning, I was not too excited to help with the event, and I thought it would be too chaotic and loud. Conversely my feelings changed, it ended up being tons of fun and I am happy that I got to attend and assist in putting the event together for all those wonderful kids. They had fun and that is the most important part.

I learned that volunteering for a good cause makes you feel something you do not normally feel. It is hard to describe, but it made me feel exceptional and warm and fuzzy on the inside. I learned that making someone else feel good is a very good thing. It is good to get outside of yourself and help others, because helping others is a great character trait to possess. I learned that giving your time to something or someone is one of the most impactful things you can do. Lastly I, learned that these kids do love this event, and that is why Gardner-Webb has been putting it on for seventeen years.

This service project met the need of the community. Octoberfest met the need of giving these kids a safe place to come and trick or treat and play games. It allowed them to go to a fun and entertaining event where they could wear their costumes and get tons of candy. My team certainly had an impact on the community by participating in this event. We gave these kids a place that they could come to and have a great time, and this made an impact on the community because my group’s participation helped make the event possible.

This also made an impact on the community because the parent’s saw that this was a safe place they could bring their kids year after year for a night of fun, entertainment, and candy. The community saw that this is a great event to bring their kids to. This experience has affected the way I think about the community, its problems, and solutions to those problems by making me see that there are things and problems that exist in our community and no matter how big or how small I can make a difference. If I value my time, the outcome could be astronomical, every ripple has an effect.

This service project connects to Gardner-Webb University’s ideals under pro deo humanitate in many ways. Pro Deo Humanitate means for God and humanity. Octoberfest provided the kids and parents with a safe, friendly, and Christian place to come and gather with the community to have a night of fun with everyone. The event brings the community together in God’s name. Now by the same token I learned things in some skill areas that will be useful to career and personal development. I learned that when working in a group communication is vitally important.

If we did not communicate we could not have designated what everyone was supposed to do. When working with kids and people in general having good interpersonal skills is a must. You need to be able to interact with other properly. When working in a group teamwork is essential to get the job done. Taking the initiative is important as well because it says you are willing to do something without being asked. I took the initiative to manage the bowling game with one of my other group members. Leadership is crucial in many situations including this event.

I learned that someone must take charge in a group and guide them towards the goal. Being analytical is important because it means paying attention to detail, and I learned that this helped me during the event. I paid attention to have many pins got knocked down so I knew exactly how many to pick back up, this helped the game go smoothly. The thin I learned about technical skills during the event was that I needed to complete a specialized task which was managing the bowling game, and I used math to do this. All of the aforementioned skills will help with my personal and career development.

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