Dominican Republic Experience

You never realize how much you have until you see someone who has very little. I got to really see that when i got to go to the Dominican Republic. It was a great experience not just to see the historic places and the perfect blue ocean like the ones you see in pictures but … Read more

7th Grade Narrative Essay

I’m going to tell you about my life from the end of 7th grade to the end of 8th grade. At the end of seventh grade I had went to both my brothers C-tec and Watkins graduation. After both graduations we had a graduation party and I got to see family members I haven’t seen … Read more

Whistler Argumentative Essay

Unlike other famed ski resort communities, Whistler is a joy throughout the year. Visitors are served up a plethora of appealing diversions no matter if they are here to take advantage of manicured slopes or warm season offerings. Two million annual visitors cannot be wrong, and countless single male travelers have come to realize there … Read more

History of Hotel Sector Development in Riga

Introduction3 1. First Inns, Pubs and Taverns in Riga and Latvia4 2. Hotel Development in 18th-19th century6 2. 1. Common characteristics6 2. 2. Hotel St. Petersburg7 2. 3. Hotel “Stadt London”8 2. 4. Hotel “de Rome”11 3. Hotel Industry during period of First Independence13 4. Hotel Industry during the Soviet Union15 4. 1. Common characteristics15 … Read more