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7th Grade Narrative Essay

I’m going to tell you about my life from the end of 7th grade to the end of 8th grade. At the end of seventh grade I had went to both my brothers C-tec and Watkins graduation. After both graduations we had a graduation party and I got to see family members I haven’t seen in forever. I got to hang out with my cousin and eat a lot of delicious foods. A few days later it was the last day of school and all I did was hang out with all of my friends. After that it was finally summer! My whole summer pretty much consisted of babysitting 6 kids…. Everyday. I took kids outside, fed the babies, and changed diapers.

Also in my free time I tried to hang out with my friends and cousins as much as possible. On one hot summer day my family and my cousin, aunt, and uncle went out to Zoombezi Bay to ride water slides to cool off, we had a blast. Also in my free time on the weekends I would help my grandma and grandpa mow their lawn, and would get to drive the tractor. Late in June I had a few birthday parties to go to. They were pretty fun, they had lots of games and food. On the 4th of July we went to my cousins to hang out and celebrate. We went swimming, ate loads of finger food, we played badminton,played card games,and watched fireworks.

Later on in July we had my nephews birthday party, my little dude (which isn’t little anymore) was turning 4! Also later in July we went to the Ohio State fair. I rode several rides and ate lots of food. The start of school! We fast forward to August, the starting of eighth grade. I was getting all my school supplies ready for my last year in the middle school. It was finally the first day of school, I was super excited because one, I got to see my friends again, and two, because it is my last year in the middle school. We went a few days, then had three days off for the street fair.

I got to go to the street fair, hung out with my cousin one day and my friend the next. We had lots of fun, riding rides, eating fair food,etc. After those three days off, we went back to school. We also ended up going to the sweet corn festival with my cousin and did the same thing we did at the other fairs. In September nothing much happened so we’ll fast forward past that into October. In October we celebrated my birthday, after school my family took me out to dinner to Olive Garden. Not to long after my birthday is Halloween. I went trick or treating with my nephews and nieces and my cousin.

We had fun, and got lots of candy. In November we celebrated Thanksgiving, we just did a small get together with my brother, my sister, her husband, my brother, his wife, my nieces and nephews. I had fun getting together with them. Christmas Time! Then December comes. It’s christmas time! For Christmas I got a lot of stuff. I got a laptop, a mini drone, clothes, and shoes. I also got to hang out with my nephews, sister, and brother-in-law. We ate Christmas dinner together, and later on my grandparents came over for a bit. I then spent the rest of my Christmas break babysitting my nieces and nephews.

Every New Year’s Eve we hang out with my aunt, uncle, and cousins and celebrate the new year. This year it was at our house. We had a big balloon drop, confetti cannons, and yummy food. New year! It’s New Year’s day, I spent my whole day helping my sister and her family move. A few days later we celebrated my niece’s first birthday, it was winter themed. She was so cute in her birthday outfit, and eating her cake. We go to February, it was my cousin’s birthday, she had a huge birthday party, we went bowling and played in the game area. Then after we went to her house and had a sleepover, we stayed up all night and ate ice cream and candy.

The day after we were really tired and I went home and fell asleep. DC trip! We then head into the month of march. I was getting ready to go to Washington D. C. On March 16, we had to go to school the full day and then we were leaving after school. I made it through the day filled with nerves and excitement. School was finally out and my parents came to the school to see me before we left. We grabbed our luggage and loaded on the buses. It took a while to get everything and everyone loaded and ready. Once we finally got everything loaded we headed of towards Pennsylvania.

On the bus I talked to my friends and watched a few youtube videos before we made our first pitstop. It was really quick and we got back on the bus in no time. When we got back on the bus we watched grown up’s 1. After a couple of hours we stopped again but this time we got dinner. I got Pizza Hut, and after I was done eating we went to the little shop to get snacks and waters and ended up not only getting snacks I ended up getting boxed water! I thought it tasted better than regular water. We then got back on the bus for our long trek to the hotel. On the long trek we watched another movie, this time we watched Grown up’s 2.

After the movie was done some people fell asleep, but a lot of people were like me and could fall asleep on the bus and were too excited to sleep, so we stayed up and talked to each other and played on our phones. When we finally got to the hotel it was very chaotic. Kids were ready to get in the hotel room, kids sick of being trapped on the buses. Once we got our room keys, and we got into our hotel room it was time to settle and get ready to go to bed, but before we could go to bed we had to get a bit of energy out by walking around the hotel room, checking it out. We finally settled down, watched TV, and fell asleep.

DC day one! The next day we woke up early and went down to get breakfast. They had really good bacon. After we were done eating breakfast we went up to the gift shop to get some souvenirs. We took them back to our room and went back downstairs to get on the buses. We loaded up on to the buses and headed to the Capitol building. We got there and did a lot of walking. Before we got in we had to go through security, luckily it was quick and easy. When we got in we watched this short film on the history of the building, and then got a tour of the many parts of the building, we spent our whole morning there.

After the tour was over we took a class picture and headed to lunch. We to a food court that had several food places to pick from. After I got my Subway, we had a difficult time finding a place to sit and eat. Eventually we found somewhere to sit and ate our lunch. After lunch we went to the National zoo, we got to see pandas and different little creatures like the naked mole rats, lizards, snakes, and chinchillas. After the zoo we went and ate dinner, the food was delicious. After dinner we went to a few more memorials before heading back to our hotel.

When we got back to our hotel, it was a lot less chaotic, we were able to go straight to our hotel rooms and go to sleep. DC day 2! On the third day of dc, we had to wake up even earlier, we went down to eat breakfast, and boarded the buses. We got to Arlington cemetery, we hiked up the hill to look at the different famous areas of Arlington, and then went to watch the guard change and the wreath laying ceremony. After we were done with that we went to the mall to get lunch. We ate lunch, then boarded the buses to head to Mount Vernon to visit George Washington’s house.

It was cool because we got a tour of it and it was built on a really steep hill and you could look over the river. Once we were done with Washington’s house we took a quick visit to the Pentagon memorial. After the Pentagon we went to dinner and then headed to go bowling. I had fun bowling with friends. After bowling we went back to the hotel to go to sleep, and restart for the next day. DC Last day! We got up went to breakfast just like every morning, and boarded the buses. My group went to the Washington Monument. It was probably my favorite part because the view up top was amazing! You could see many different memorials.

Then we went to several different monuments and then headed for lunch. Since it was the last day I decided to get a few souvenirs from some of the shops in the mall, before we headed of for more tours. Once lunch was over we headed to do the Smithsonian Museum. That was also one of my favorite parts of DC. We got to see different rocks and gems. We also got to see different skeletons of animals and we got to see butterflies. After the Smithsonian we went to the Holocaust Museum. After that we got to eat dinner for the last time in DC. After dinner we went to do a ghost tour. It was wet and cold but I still had fun.

After the ghost tour we loaded onto the buses and were departing home. I fell asleep on the way home. When we finally arrived at the school I was so happy to be home, back with my family in my own bed. When we got home I fell right back to sleep. Spring Break! It was finally spring break, and all I did during it was babysit 6 kids once again. There was one day during spring break that my cousin came over to hang out but that’s about it. The weekend before we were going back to school I ended up catching a stomach bug, which means I missed the first day back to school after spring break, which was a bummer.

When I was finally feeling better I got to go back to school ready to finish this year up. After a few weeks we had state testing, which was long and boring. After testing week was over, we kind of relaxed for a few days before getting back at it with school work. We skip forward to April and May. April and May are very busy months in our family because almost everyone’s birthday is in those months and now that my nephew is in soccer we go to his soccer games every Saturday to go support the little dude. This year we are doing a big garden at my grandma’s house so we had to go over one Sunday to figure out where we were going to put it.

We spent that whole Sunday working, cutting branches and getting to drive the tractor up and down the hill with a trailer full of branches. In May I am counting down the days until summer. It’s the week that I have to turn this eight page essay in and I’m putting my final words into this. This week we have maps test every single day but I’m so excited because school is almost out and it’s almost summer time! I’m finally turning in this paper that has every single thing that I have done from the summer of seventh grade to the day before I turn the essay in.

It was a lot to write but very easy to do because it’s my life. I’m finally finishing my middle school career up and heading up to be a freshman in high school. We still have two more weeks of school left and still a lot to pack into those last few days, such as the farewell dance, the eighth grade award ceremony, and the last day of school. I have had a blast this year, it was a great way to finish my eighth grade year and I couldn’t have done it without my family, friends, and teachers. I have learned a lot this year and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

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