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Essay on College Career Goals

Describe your college and career goals. Explain how LBCPA will help you to attain them. As a child who has the most opportunity in my immigrant family, I wish to pursue the American Dream and my first step is to get an excellent college education. My goals for college is to attend either Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, or Stanford University and be able to achieve the highest degree in my field of interest, business. During my studies, my goal is to first apply for an internship that will allow me to gain the most experience, then apply for a part-time job that best suits my major.

By the time I graduated, I will have had the knowledge and the experience that can support me throughout my career. The LBCPA would be a great resource for me because I am able to join program such as SAT Test Preparation Classes and Essay Writing, Resume Development, and Interview Skills Support that will help me build my foundation in order to compete with other student to get into one of these colleges. Additionally, my family does not have the resources to support the cost of any of these colleges so I would have to apply for financial aid and scholarships in which the LBCPA can help with.

The service in which the LBCPA provide can greatly increase my chances of entering into one of these colleges and greatly decrease the price I would have to pay. It would be of great honor and relief to me if I were to get into the LBCPA. Describe the obstacles that you either have encountered or will likely face in pursuit of your college and career goals (e. g. , financial needs, cultural barriers, limited family support, etc. ). Discuss how you have overcome them or how you plan to address them.

One of my enormous struggles I had to face a child, is the language barrier. I was not born in America and I came here at tender age being able to speak, read, and write in a different language, Cambodian. I had to learn English to assimilate with a new country but I had little help. My mother had an intense schedule everyday in order to get her three child to three different schools, work, and make food for us. My sister and brothers had their own problems with the language so the only support I receive for my english is from school.

However, my school was not sufficient so I had to go to the library. That is where I learn the language well enough to survive. The library had tapes of certain books and that was what I started out with. From there on, I developed my bank of vocabulary, developed my skills in context clues, and started comprehending the world in English. As a result of this, I could understand, read, and write in English proficiently but I came lacking in my reading aloud and speaking skills.

I had notice as I grew up that I could not read as well as others nor could as fast or as easily without stuttering. My journey to overcome the language barrier was not something I could tackle all at once but it was a process in which I work on the skills that I am lacking in. Optional: If there is anything else that you would like to share about yourself, please do so here. Something I’ve always struggled through life with was my confidence. As a child, my parents set my goals for me and it was to get a PH. D. go to Harvard.

I have always appreciated them for pushing towards the right path and making sure I will always do my best but | lacked confidence. As I grew up, I started to compare myself to other kid my age. Even in my strongest subject like math, compared myself to other people who do better than me. I lacked the confidence to accomplish the goals that were before me and I distance myself from these goals by saying that they were what my parents wanted for me and not something | choose myself. It was not until I went to Poly Pace that I got my confidence.

I was surrounded by people who worked their hardest,faced challenges head on and push through them so that they can achieve their goal. I was aspired and I look at myself. I want to get into an great school or get a PH. D. not just for my parent but for my own future. I am able to apply for the LBCPA program because I am not comparing myself to other students and saying that they have better chance than me. This is me saying that I can accomplish what I want for my future and I wish the LBCPA will give me a chance and help me show what I can do.

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