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Personal Narrative: My College Goals Essay

The first goal that currently overarches all of my other goals in the present is the goal of completing and obtaining my Associate in Engineering Degree during two years at Schoolcraft College. To achieve this goal, I hopefully plan to overcome the extreme case of procrastination that I have for the time being and stop making extremely terrible decisions with my time. After I achieve this goal, I plan on looking forward into even higher education.

However, my current issues with my postcollege goals is that I am unsure of what colleges or universities that I should look into, nor do I know the difference between the advantages of pursuing Automotive Engineering or Mechanical Engineering but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. An intermediate goal that I have alongside of my goal of finishing college with a degree is to have a part-time job.

Even though I have earned about two thousand dollars through generous donations from my graduation party, I am slowly starting to realize that it isn’t really a large sum of money as | thought it was, especially in this country’s dismal economy where most people can barely afford the outrageous price of college. It would be extremely helpful if I can find much easier ways of obtaining cash whether it come from grants or scholarships. In the next four or five years, I hope to find a great, stable job that gives me an incredibly great source of income and give myself a foundation that I can become able to stand on alone.

If Tam able to move out of my parent’s house during this goal this would be great for me. Now about my dream house that I plan on looking into, most people would haphazardly think about buying something outlandish such as buying an mansion or having an apartment in New York without thinking about the consequences or how draining owning such properties would be for someone’s bank account, but personally I would like to own an average sized home in a small community. I could even settle for an apartment if I ever become desperate enough to leave the comfort of my parent’s home.

If I ever own an apartment or a house, I plan on spending the first five years or so alone before I become thirty years old. A side goal that I plan on achieving is to become more active or physically fit and healthy at the bare minimum, solely to improve my appearance so I can become a lot more presentable to other people compared to how I look like in my current state. Also, just have my parents stop criticizing my weight and prove to my oldest sister who said that I would die by the time I am thirty years old, that I am able to live up to the age of thirty.

I have begun going to the gym on the Livonia campus of Schoolcraft College whenever I can, the only obstacle of this is that it takes roughly about thirty whole minutes just to drive up to the gym here from home. I am not a sociable person nor am I extremely great at romance, but I aim to have someone that I mutually love and support together but first need to overcome my lack of conversational skills that keep a conversation moving and lack of interests.

The idea of having children is completely optional to me, but if I do decide to raise children one day, I would be able to tell myself that “the circle of stupidity is complete”. To add onto this goal, I have another goal of having a loving and caring family. The main reason on why|| have this goal is that the family that I have had was indeed memorable but was mostly cruel to each other. Familial relationships are easily forgotten in my family, especially on my father’s side of the family, due to how uncaring my grandfather was to them.

My mother’s side of the family is also a mystery to me but I feel as though that I can inherit what makes my mother a memorable person who keeps people together. The last goal that I have in mind is becoming financially able to afford traveling across the country completely at my own leisure. The United States is a vast and open country that has a lot of interesting landmarks that I can gaze upon, but I’m a lot more interested in meeting new people.

I do have some friends that live in the state of Michigan, but I have better friends that I have a stronger bond with and would like to be able to meet someday. These are all of the current goals that I have, but the biggest goal that overarches every single goal that I have listed is my goal of becoming financially stable to support myself. My desire to become financially stable is extremely vital to me because the world is an extremely cruel place and the economy can have outrages prices that almost nobody can afford, so having financial security would undo a lot of stress that comes from this world.

My main motivators that drives me into staying alive and tells me to keep going in life’s unforgiving fields are my strong will, my great supportive friends, and my large aspirations to become somebody that’s better and a lot more memorable that the person that I am today with the intent on benefiting myself, benefiting the hypothetical family that I am to have someday, and to benefit the future generations that follow me.

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