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Essay about Why Is College Important

College is very valuable. A college education is very valuable because it is what is going to determine how you live your life. It determines what kind of job you’ll have, it even determines if you are going to live in a house or not. College is also good with giving you new skills and new knowledge that can help you in life. You need college in your life. College can show you new paths that you have never seen before such as learning new things that you never thought were real. Meeting new people, that you have never seen or met before.

You meet most of your friends in college too. A college education can help you with many situations, like say someone says to solve this hard math problem or even your children ask for help on their homework. You would want to know that. Barack Obama wrote an article called … America’s school children. This article talks about why it is important to go to college. he said that “ You want to be a doctor, or a teacher, or police officer ? You want to be a nurse or an architect, a layer or a member of our military?

You’re going to need a good education for every single one of those careers. ” I totally agree because you can probably drop out and get a job that does not pay very well and have to work all day. President obama was one of those kids that just a wonderful life and went to college for free. No. It was really struggling for him because his dad left there family when he was just two years old and his mom had to work a lot to pay for food and everything but she still supported him in going to college and she paid his tuition. He went to law school and followed his dream.

His wife, the first lady had the same experience. Many people have the same experience but they get there stuff up and achieve what they wanted to accomplish. “ The fact that you’ll be building a career for the rest of your life is reason enough to make time for a college education, in every sense of the word. Indeed, a clear benefit of a college education is that not only will it give you time to better know your likes and dislikes before entering the labor force, it will also enhance the likelihood of a more lucrative career for you. that is a quote that was written by ( McGuire ) it is called The benefits of having a college Education.

This quote is telling you that college can expand your list of careers and help you make good choices about of what are good careers that will help you in your life. They say that going to college raises your chances of getting a career that pays good money. you need money to help you through life. After high school you lose allot of your friends because maybe they move away or they are too busy with school.

But that’s okay, because going to college raises your chances of meeting new people, and even some that have the same interest. You meet new people and have new friends. I recently did an interview narrative, and I interview my youth group leader, her name is Dillana Villia, she lived in oakland and went to merit college because she could not get into the school that she wanted because she did not citizen papers. I asked her what did college teach her? she responded with “ college taught me how to manage my time correctly and it also taught me that you should never give up.

I learned lot from this quote because she is right you should never give up. Especially if you started something already. For her it was tough going to school because after merit college she got her citizenship papers she decided to go UC Davis because of there really good medical program. But she decided to change her major into two which were Spanish and psychology. Now she is working at a school for kids with special needs. Even though college is great for my future how am I going to pay for it, college is very expensive and I am already in debt.

Plus i do not have time for it, i’m already spending most of my time with my my four jobs that I have. I do not need college to just add more things that I need to do. my life is hard as it is. How much money is it going to cost well. i know that it is expensive, and i can’t afford it right now, because right now i’m paying for all my clothes and my food. I understand how you cannot pay for it, your right college is expensive. But it is totally worth it after because you might get one job that pays very well, and you don’t have to work four jobs.

The cost of college can be fixed with many options for example there is financial aids, and even scholarship which gets you into college for free. Even though college takes so much of your time it is totally worth it because maybe that extra hour you learned something new and something amazing. The knowledge that you get from college can get you to a good job that pays really well that you can afford all the fancy clothes and even the fancy food. But you can’t just go to college and say that you are there you need to really focus and learn from there.

There are also many people that you would want to impress from going to college . College is very valuable because you can get a better life and a better life and a better education. College pays in money but it also pays in education and a good life. What you could’ve done differently was not going to college and be getting $10 an hour while flipping patties for burger king. You could have given up and lived your life miserable of working all day and only getting a little bit of money. But college is always an option for you, you can always go to college and have a better life.

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