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Hand Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

Defending Americas Youth Picture a class of twenty elementary students hidden under desks around the classroom, and the teacher is begging the children to stop sobbing. Down the hall the sound of gunshots ring out the sounds of people screaming and begging for help can be heard. The shooter is moving closer and closer to the area and all the innocent soon to be victims are defenseless. There is nothing in that classroom that is going to stop what is about to happen.

Now imagine a teacher with a handgun that could at least scare off the shooter, or deter them from advancing into the room. Many people frown upon teachers being able to carry a handgun on school grounds, but if they only knew that the thing they frown upon could possibly be saving their kids life. It makes perfect sense that teachers should be able to carry a handgun if and only if they go through the proper training and tests. There are many steps that must be taken for someone to obtain a concealed handgun license (CHL).

In the state of Texas getting a CHL is not as easy as it sounds. For example, in order to qualify for a Texas CHL and individual must be 21 years of age, have a clean criminal history, not be under a protective order, no be chemically dependent, not be of unsound mind, no be delinquent in paying fines, and be eligible to purchase a handgun by completing the NICS check (“Getting a Concealed Handgun License”). Along with the qualifications there are two major steps an individual must take in applying for a CHL.

The first step being taking a training course, and the second step being completing an application (“Getting a Concealed Handgun License”). Taking the training course comes with a lot of intense steps. Two of them being passing the state written exam with a 70% or better, and the other being passing the state proficiency/ shooting exam with a 70% or better (“What To Bring To Our Concealed Handgun Class”). In 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut experienced a horrifying shooting.

That shooting should show the importance to the concept of protecting those inside of a school in a worst case scenario. When “26 people” had their life taken during that school shooting, the idea of allowing teachers to be able to carry a handgun during class received more attention than ever (“Sandy Hook shooting: What happened? “). The safety of students inside a school may be at risk as many can see in school shootings such as the ones which occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary and Columbine High School. While many feel that providing teachers with a handgun may cause harm to safety efforts.

Just imagine how many teachers and students would have been killed during those shootings if only there would have been teachers that were armed and ready to fight back any treat that walked through the doors of their classroom. Many would probably think none would have died. A good example of teachers protecting their students is in Argyle, Texas. In the article “Armed to Teach: Argyle ISD Sticks to It’s Gun Policy” Selena Hernandez states that “it’s safe to say Argyle ISD is ready to start the school year with guns blazing.

The district is on target to continue its new policy of allowing some teachers to pack heat on campus. ” Hernandez also states that “gun-toting teachers must have and maintain a handgun license; pass a psychological evaluation; and undergo firearms and emergency response training. ” This type of thing is very possible and obviously can be done. This might be a great model for other school districts around the country to follow. The amount of school violence is on the rise as demonstrated in the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Clearly, school violence levels will not decline if the current laws are left unchanged. The current law leaves teachers and students defenseless against attacks which should be considered a crime in itself. Therefore, it makes perfect sense in this day and age, with all of the violence and turmoil in the world that our schools would protect the innocent. If a school teacher could even have the potential to deter a gun wielding lunatic from causing fatalities and emotional scaring of our youth it would be worth having competent, trained teachers as the first line of defense.

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