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Should Teachers Have Guns In Schools Essay

Bang! bang! Children run to hide! Is this something you want the world to know about? Do you want your children to be put in a murder scene or a potential one? Why not allow teachers to carry guns if they’re able to? Even though most people think it is a horrid idea; the reality is, that increased publicity has caused people to react negatively. They need to understand that there is specialized handlers training for those teachers that do carry, background checking on the individual applying for the concealed carry license, and the schools are limiting the number of teachers with guns.

Some people need to realize that the effect of teachers carrying handguns could have a positive influence on the environment and safety of their children. Such as Mckinley reported from superintendent Thweatt, “The critics of our plan will say things like: ‘Guns and kids don’t mix’. They will say things like: ‘It’s a bad decision to put guns in the hands of untrained people. There are people who believe in a police state. They believe that the only people who should be armed are police or military. I think that’s a scary idea at best,” Thweatt says.

The superintendent of schools see guns as a tool used to defend oneself and loved ones. Harrold, Texas, is the kind of place where you defend yourself first and, if need be, your neighbors,” says Thweatt. “We can’t say, ‘Hey, there’s a rattlesnake in my backyard, get the animal control to come get it. We go out and we shoot it, we take care of business. That’s the way we do with the human vermin, as well. ” Most families in Texas have the same beliefs as this little town. Although, many citizens have had plenty of opinions on this matter you have to examine the topic very intensely.

People only think about the negative impacts of the problem instead of positive impacts of the problem. Well, that is what I’m trying to get the readers to understand. It is that people are so worried about the guns and for say “crazy teachers” that they keep forgetting the good that this opportunity offers the teachers and students. “Although no students were shot in the cases in this dataset, it is not difficult to envision scenarios in which a child could become caught in the crossfire. Most of the teachers (70%) shot at least one victim and the majority of victims were involved in fatal interactions.

Firearms are potentially deadly weapons that could be introduced into the classroom. School grounds are the most frequent location of shootings, and half the time, students are present during the incident. An overwhelming majority (96. 7%) of the shootings were intentional. At the present time, few schoolteachers actually carry firearms, especially on school grounds. There are risks; however, beyond intentional violence, such as accidental discharge. If such an arming policy were to be implemented, it would be useful to look for a change in accidental shooting rates.

One should be cautioned, however, that accidental discharges by teachers may go unreported. In a study of accidental discharges by police, Kaminsky (2013, 3), notes that officers are “reluctant to provide information about accidental discharge. ” We might expect teachers and their schools to show a similar reticence” (Buck, 2013). Some schools are also thinking about training teachers to handle firearms as Trump points out, “Teachers should be given firearms training and carry guns to prevent school violence,” a University of Chicago academic says.

John Lott, who recently concluded a study of U. S. crime statistics, says “visible deterrence” is the best deterrence in the classroom. Having a couple of administrators or teachers carry guns on campus would be an inexpensive way to “increase the deputized police force,” he said. He is correct about it being a lot cheaper than hiring multiple security guards for one school. Then we have the people who do not think it is a good idea to have handguns on school campuses. Post-Sandy Hook, gun groups in the United States are now offering teachers firearms training.

But do I really want my kid’s teachers packing a weapon? “If you’re living in a ‘Mad Max’ world, where criminals have free rein and there’s no government to stop them, then I’d want to be armed,” said Dr. Hemenway of Harvard. “But we’re not in that circumstance. We’re a developed, stable country. ” (Rosenthal, 2013) This developed, stable country he is talking about must be how he sees it but, to some others it is the exact opposite. Think about all the gangs, the bombings, and war going on in this country and other countries today. || think this country is probably far away from being stable.

I mean, Mad Max, that is a pretty awesome movie to have the chance to live in. But seriously people, come out of this in the twenty first century in real life and not a movie. All people need to realize that this country is not as safe as you think it is. Therefore, limiting the number of teachers able to carry guns in school lessens public worry. The teachers going crazy with their handguns has now become a huge concern in the public. Even though most people think it is a horrid idea; the reality is, that increased publicity has caused people to react negatively.

They need to understand that there is a specialized handler training for those teachers that do carry, in-depth background checks for those individuals and schools could limit the number of teachers with guns. So, honestly, the public needs to research and look into the positive and negative interests of carrying handguns onto public school campuses before they jump to indecisive conclusions. It is still my opinion that if people know that it is a gun free environment then it makes it more susceptible to the people who want to create havoc and do harm to others.

With teachers and school administration being licensed carriers; then, it makes the schools a safer place because the people trying to do harm will think twice about it since there is the possibility that someone could be shooting back at them. So, evildoers, you might want to be a little more careful when picking out a school to take advantage of or do harm to because when you are looking down your barrel at a schoolmate or teacher there might just be a teacher or administrator looking down their barrel at you.

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