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Feathers-Personal Narrative

Kevin and his friend Garret were driving to their cabin in lower Georgia. It was a warm, beautiful fall afternoon in Georgia. The cabin was so much more than a cabin to Kevin. It was the jewel of lower Georgia to him. Kevin screamed, “Watch out. ” Garret had served out of the way and landed in the ditch. There were bird feathers everywhere. “Wow, Garrett you’re a terrible driver. Reminded me not to trust you with anything. ” “I never said I’m the best. I’m you only option. ” “I guess, but I still don’t trust you yet. ” Don’t them. ” “Fine. ” Garrett and Kevin had wandered around to find the bird but couldn’t.

They walk for a good hour before the found the bird and by now it was very dark out but it was only 1:00 PM. Garrett looked up at the sky and screamed. Kevin had said “What is going on” He looked up and screamed too. They turned and ran as soon as they start diving down. They both ran as fast as they could into the woods. They weren’t the only ones being hunted They both pulled up the news app on their phone and we were shocked by what they saw. In every town in Georgia, birds were attacking everyone and everything.

They both looked up from their screens and looked at each. “This can’t be real. ” Kevin said nervously. Yeah this can’t be real. ” replied Garrett. By now they were both freaking out. They both decided running into the woods was a terrible idea. In every horror movie they saw the person who ran in the woods wouldn’t come running back out of the woods. The worst part of all they were in the middle of the woods with no way to get back home. Kevin and Garrett decide to split up for some reason and said the would met each other back in the woods. After an hour of walking Kevin decided to call Garrett “Hey Garrett did you find anything. ”

Kevin was hoping Garrett found something better than what he found. Nope not anything that would help that much he said disappointedly, but I did find a road. ” he said happily “That’s great news. Can you tell me where you are. ” While running his hand through his hair and pacing back and forth “Um, about that” “Are you telling me you have no idea where you are and that I am stuck in the middle of the woods while birds are picking people off one by one. ” he said angrily and stomping his foot down “Not necessarily. ” trying to sound pleasing “Then what are you telling me. ” he said frustrated “ Do you have that track my phone app. ”

“Yeah why. ” You can use it to track my phone so you can find me. ” “Finally something useful coming out of your mouth. ” “You know I can still hear you. ” “I know, that’s why I said it. ” “See you when you find me. ” “Bye. ” Kevin Said. After finally being able to track Garrett’s phone Kevin makes his way to Garrett. Kevin was running as fast as he could just to get there faster. He was thinking the he should get there fast just to see if Garrett was alive. Kevin ran a mile within 5 minutes and compared to the mile he ran in high school it was 2 minutes faster. Garrett said, Finally you’re here. “Yeah, I know.

I could be here earlier but no you need me to use track my phone app. ” he added sarcastically and while staring Garrett down Garrett suggested “We should scavenge to see if we can find anything to help fix the car with. ” “We have tools in the back don’t we. ”Kevin said. “Oh, yeah we do. ” “Well then why don’t we go back in the morning it’s getting dark out and by the time we get there it will be at least midnight. ” “Yeah you’re right let’s try to find anything to sleep on. ” “Yeah. ” *** The sun was just getting up and both Kevin and Garrett woke up from the bright sunlight beaming down on them.

Kevin is always up before Garret and just to be a jerk Kevin yells at Garrett and Garrett jerks up and stares Kevin down. Garrett yells. ”What the heck was that for. ” Kevin replied “Because you have to get up so we can get back to the car. ” “Oh yeah, I forgot. ” Kevin and Garrett both get up and make the journey back to the car. Kevin was the only one the remember how to get back. About and hour and a half walk they are finally back to their car and they both are shocked to still find that their car is still there. But they could care less if it was gone because neither of them know how to fix a car.

They grab the tools opened up the hood. The engine wasn’t that beat up, but they still didn’t now off to fix it. Kevin said “It’s not that beat up, maybe it still works. ” Kevin closed up the hood and Garrett went around and start the car up. It still work so they both hopped in and tried to remember their way to the cabin. Two hours past and they were finally at their cabin. Kevin and Garrett both got out and ran for the door. They almost trampled over each other.

Kevin said, “I wonder if our friends are ok and don’t have their eyes poked out. ” “I hoped they still have their eyes. That be weird if they didn’t. Garrett said panicking. “Lets see how much food we have. ” “Yeah. ” Kevin and Garrett both walk in and go to their pantry and see that they still have some food but not much. Kevin suggested that they should go to the food market down the road. So they both hopped back into the car and make their way down the road. Right when they pull into the parking lot and their car stops. Garrett, who is driving looks down to see how much gas he has left and it says that the tank is empty. “This just great now isn’t it Kevin. ” “What? How is it my fault. ”

“You’re the one who didn’t check the tank when we left. ” Well i’m sorry, Maybe there is some in the food market. ” After pointlessly arguing they walk in the market and split up to find any sort of food, which sudden be hard considering it’s a food market. They decided that Kevin needs to find gas for the care and Garrett needs to find food. After an half and hour for looking for gas Kevin finally finds some and takes it back to the front of the store. Garrett also finds a lot of food and brings to the front of the store. They met up at the front. Garrett asked “Did you find any gas. ” “You know it. ” Kevin replied “Alright then let’s fill the car up and get outta of here. “True that, this place is creepy when abandoned. ”

Kevin and filled the truck up and hopped in the passenger seat and Garrett hopped in the driver’s seat and were off back to their cabin. Once they got back they went straight to bed. *** Kevin was the first one to wake up and like always and woke up Garrett by screaming. Kevin suggested “We should set up a safe house for them and their friends. ” Garrett said. “ Thats a good idea, but first we should unpack the food we brought home. ” After spending a little over ten minutes Kevin and Garrett sent out a text to everyone they know and hoped that they would see it.

Around midday they had only received a couple of texts back from the parents and friends. They asked where it would be and they said at their cabin in lower Georgia. Within an hour 10 off their friends and both their parents were there. Kevin and Garret set up food in the cabinets and gas in the garage. Kevin and Garrett remembered that there was a gun store about 5 miles down the road they went to get food and gas. They made the announcement that they were going out to get weapons for their own safety just in case birds attack or fellow humans. They had just walked out of the doors and both of their parents came running out.

What do you boys think you’re going. ” Kevin’s mom said. “Were are going to get weapons to defend ourselves. ” Kevin replied “Remember to be safe and come back in one piece” As usually Garrett hopped in the driver’s seat and started the car up. Kevin and just got in and Garrett pulled out of the dirt road driveway. “Why did you pull out so fast. ” Kevin asked “Did you really want to get stuck in another conversation with our parents. ” “Yeah, not really. ” Kevin and Garrett were driving down the dirt road to get to the gun store. On their way they see a group of people on the main road.

They want to see who it is but can get a good angle from inside of their 2000 ford f150. Garrett said nervously, “We should go check it out” He was starting to unlock his door “Maybe we should wait it out. ” Kevin said reaching for the lock button. “Fine maybe it would be better just waiting it out just in case they have weapons. ” So there they sat for a little less than 10 minutes and the people outside were gone. They good things was is that they didn’t go in the gun store. They both raced out of the car and down to the gun store. Since Garrett was faster he was there first with Kevin just behind him.

Kevin shook the door and it popped open which was weird because he thought for sure it would be locked by someone else. They both walked in and turn on the lights. No one was in there so they walk behind the counter and took two shotguns, some basic hunting rifles with some upgraded scopes and some basic Assault Rifles such as M4A1 carbines. Kevin ran back to his car and drove to the back of the store and both of them started loading the car up. Garrett of course hopped in the driver’s seat and Kevin hopped in they drove back to the cabin About an hour of driving on the back roads they finally made it to the cabin.

They got back and opened the back door and everyone was excited to see them. Garrett had back the truck into the garage and opened the trunk. Everyone got into a line and picked up a weapon. Eventually the truck was unloaded and they close the truck up. As soon as everyone was inside, they heard a thud against the roof. Kevin shouted ”Is someone up in the attic. ” Kevins mom replied ”Not that I know of. ” “Ok then. ” Kevin and Garrett make their way outside and see a ton of birds circling their cabin. Kevin is the first one to start shooting with Garrett following with gun shots off his own.

There were a ton. It looked like every bird from Georgia was there. After spending 15 minutes shooting the birds they were all gone. Garrett and Kevin were both tired, their shoulders and arms sore from shooting. Garrett said breathing heavily “Kevin we helped make a difference and rebuild the world, but we don’t have to fire power and enough food and water to take down the bird. ”while kicking at a dead bird. “If you don’t believe we can, we are not gonna get anywhere but if you believe we will, well we might have a chance.

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