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Summary Of Billy Clayton’s ‘Monster’: A Narrative Fiction

One day, there was a scientist, named Billy Clayton. He has been experimenting with corn, the horrendous stench of corn fills his laboratory. As he’s whirling the spoon in a cauldron of different types of hazardous chemicals, the corn behind him starts to stand, poised for attack, like a gladiator ready to battle a pride of lines. Billy turns to see what the uproar was about, and SMACK the corn hit him so hard he crashed to the floor in a heap. The corn crashed through the lab like a bull in a fine china shop. After an hour, billy woke up with a colossal headache.

He was hit so hard he didn’t know what happened, so he sat there wondering what the heck happened. He then saw the huge gap in the wall, the size of an elephant. Billy just sighed loudly. He then staggered to get on his feet, checked if he had a concussion, and went to get in his mini-van. He scanned the parking lot, what he found was a trail of corn leading to the city. Again Billy just sighs, he gets in his car and follows the strange trail. He finally, after several hours, sees the city. There’s only one problem, the trail disappeared,like the monster just vanished into thin air.

Where is it? ” he asks himself. What Billy doesn’t know is, the monster is already in the city, it jacked a car and drove away. He drives through the city, still scanning the area. He spots a signed, charcoaled piece of corn. Billy follows the trail of signed corn, when he finally finds the corn, the cops were shooting it. The bullets were like rubber, ‘oh no.. ’ thought billy. Then he remembered that corn needs water, without it, it’ll die. Billy dashed to the cop car twenty feet in front of him, flying corn whisking past his ear.

Billy told the commander of the police station “they can’t get water! ” dodging corn as he says it. The commander stares at Billy, he then yells to all the police to lure the monster outside the city, after an hour of leading the monster. They were far enough away from any water in a one mile radius. Billy then thought “it would take a least a week before it dies, we can’t wait that long. ” The commander walked up to Billy and said the military was on its way. The cop asked what Billy wanted to do, stay or go to the city. Billy said he was staying, it was his fault.

It became dusk and Billy could only see by the humongous search lights on top of the backs of a couple trucks. He lost track of what happened for another hour, all he could see was a helicopter flying in from the North. It wasn’t just a police heli, it was a military blackhawk. With a thumping sound like elephants. He couldn’t understand the police officer right next to him. BOOM!! A fire red mushroom looking explosion! Shaking every bone in Billy’s body. He couldn’t hear for a solid minute. When he could hear again, the sound of guns blaring, a warzone, a thousand to one..

The corn looked to be perfectly fine. The missile did nothing, the helicopter shot more! BOOM, BOOM…. KABOOOM!! A huge Fire ball hits the monster dead on. Silence… Billy looks at the cloud of smoke where the monster was. Nothing, he looks around the area, still nothing.. He was starting to think the corn monster was gone. Then out of nowhere a piece of corn strikes the hood of the car right in front of him, a barrage of bullets rained into the spot it came from almost immediately. The warzone was back, and just the day before he thought, everything was normal.

Or was it? ” he thought. The next hour was constant gunfire, explosions, and yelling. Billy’s ears hurt, a lot. The monster looked the same as he did that morning, perfectly fine, like he had a force field or something. Billy was losing hope. He didn’t know what to do. He was out of options, and the military was to.. The black hawk went back to refill ammo and fuel. When the black hawk came back, it had reinforcements, and lots of them. A row of tanks came over the horizon, Billy smiled like a little girl in a carnival.

Everyone shouted “the cavalry’s here! Cheering, but this fight wasn’t over yet, not even close. When the tanks rolled up to the scene, all the gunfire stopped, a huge cloud of powdery grey smoke, and silence, Billy can’t see but can definitely hear. Billy coughed like an old man trying to breath. The monster again was “invisible” “where is he, can anyone see him? The thing vanished?! ” They all shouted. A barrage of corn came out of the smoke, and they sent a barrage back, this time with tank missiles and a ton of a18’s. The scent of gunpowder, corn, and lead filled the air. BOOM!

A huge cloud of fiery smoke blasts the corn monster, the monster stopped shooting its corn, all was quiet for the first time since four hours. Thump… The monster hits the ground. Still all is quiet.. It starts to rain, “this can’t be good” Billy says. “KEEP FIRING” Billy yells “THE RAIN WILL GIVE IT ITS STRENGTH DON’T LET IT GET STRONGER” The sound of gunfire fills his eardrums. He can see corn flying inches from his face, a piece whisking his nose. He looked at the cop cars surrounding the monster.. They all had corn jutting out of them like spears. Billy stares in awe at the corn.

Then he thought “corn burns! We need fire! ” Billy ran to the corporal saying “we need fire! ” The corporal stared at him for a long time. In minutes, molotovs were made, and the monster was on fire. Billy was gaining hope again, the light of dawn came off the horizon, they were winning. Billy watched the monster start to get weak, falling to the ground, once again he hears the faint thump of the monster hit the floor, the gunfire stops once again. He rests his head on the car door, everyone cheers. The spotlights scan the circle where the monster was, the body was there, lifeless.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, the monster was huge. “Finally” Billy thought, it’s over. Billy fought himself drifting off to sleep, he was up all night in a war zone. He couldn’t sleep yet not so soon. He got up off his knees and walked up to the lifeless corn monster, Billy almost felt bad for it. The monster had a big hole where his eye was supposed to be. And green torn clothes, Billy saw it was breathing! He ran back to cover as a burnt piece of corn flies right past him. a tank fires and blows its leg right off. The monster looks to be done for but it just stands up on one foot!

BOOM!! Another bomb hits the monster, then another, nothing. Corn hits the tank, and dents it, Billy’s jaw dropped. He closed it and ducked below the car, the gunfire begins. The monster shoots back, corn shoots straight through the doors of the car, a piece of corn whisks right past Billy’s eyes. The monster was on fire yet again, Billy was very tired and closed his eyes. He wakes up to a huge explosion, he wondered how he fell asleep. BOOM!! Another bomb shakes the ground he was laying on. The sun was beating down on the as if it were the Sahara.

Everyone was sweating and everyone was tired. Billy got up and looked at the monster, it looked like a zombie, barely standing, it’s arms were stumps and one leg was gone, the other had chunks taken out of it. The monster finally falls after another bomb. It looks like it’ll stay down, Billy gets up and looks at it, and again walks over to it. He looks down at its body, and kneels down next to it, putting a hand on its limp body, it was dead.. Billy stood up and walked away. Half asleep. He tells the general that it was finally dead, and they could pick up and go home.

Billy smiles and walks away, gets in his car and drives. The next day the city had a parade for Billy, he won an award for making a price of corn, and the crime for making a monster where dropped. He advanced science dramatically, he then retired living a normal life as a citizen. He gets married and has children. Billy will never forget that monster or those horrible days of working on that corn, he hopes no one makes the same mistake he did. Sadly the same thing happened. But this one was made of kool aid, they killed it quickly. They all lived happily ever after.

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