Crash Redemption

“No matter how far wrong you’ve gone, you can always turn around. ” The world renowned 2005 film, Crash, directed by Paul Haggis, sends the positive message of hope and potential for redemption in the world. Many of the characters make the wrong decisions and receive grace from the universe, which shows the audience that … Read more

How Do Jesus Perform Miracles

Jesus’ powers of being able to perform miracles started spreading between the people so when Jesus arrived in Jewish territory, a huge crowd had formed (21). The large crowd shows how well the word had spread and how many people wanted to see Jesus and his miracles. One person in particular, Jairus, was in urgent … Read more

Personal Narrative: My First Grader Girl

For my senior project, I made books with my first grader girls, focusing on fostering both increased self esteem and positive feelings about being a girl. Each page tackled a different prompt: things they liked about themselves, a woman they admire, things the girls liked about each other, a job they thought would be hard … Read more

Female Offenders In Criminal Court Cases

While Greenberg, Grekul, and Nelson report on the social causes that lead Aboriginal youth to become involved in crime, Stoneman and Artz seek to demonstrate how young female offenders are treated more harshly than their male counterparts once a part of the youth justice system due to “moral panic” (pg. 173). The common, unsubstantiated fear … Read more

Stereotypes Of Women In Society Essay

Women in Society: Research Essay Body shaming, hateful comments on posts, and all around photo shopped bodies of “perfection” on your television, computer, cell phones, billboards and magazines. There is no escape to the vicious cycle of bullying. Women are targeted to be the perfect female. “I worry more about the impact on all women … Read more

A Clean Well-Lighted Place Essay

In life, there seems to be a clear parallel between age and contentedness. Those who are young are often full of life, while older individuals tend to isolate themselves. Since those older individuals had to have gone through many hardships and lost some of the people they cared the most about, it is not surprising … Read more

Womens Role In Pro-Feminist Advertising Essay

Although the Always “Like a Girl” commercial attempts to reshape the mindsets of people by making them “think” more about their treatment of women, their solution to this problem is to “rewrite the rules” (AlwaysBrand). This vague statement gives no clear course of action to uplift girl’s self-esteem and demonstrates how ineffective the Always commercial … Read more