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Ad Analysis: Covergirl Stereotypes

The Covergirl ad in 2014 includes the picture of Ellen DeGeneres with the CC cream of the Covergirl. The photo shot of her sitting down is from under chest to the top. Ellen put her arms over her knee. On her knees, there is a raccoon looking straight to the audience. By the angle of the photo shot, audience able to see Ellen’s skin which is quite flawless. She comes out with a friendly look and gorgeous smile. On the left top corner, “Covergirl +Olay” written in big bold black which pops up the branch of the product.

At the bottom, “ The next big thing in younger looking skin: CC Creams” the “CC Cream” was the biggest front and dark bolded. The author wants me to believe that CC cream from the cover girl will make me younger after using use it. The advertisement effectively convinces customers to buy the CC cream covergirl by using three factors celebrities, logos, and ethos. Using celebrity is not an unfamiliar trick in the advertising market. Indeed, the result of using celebrities in advertisements is quite effective.

For example, when looking at the ad of Cover Girl, the most highlighted element is Ellen DeGeneres, who best know as a famous American comedian and television host. She is the host of the Ellen show which has “averaged 4. 4 mil viewers for the week of December 9” in 2014 according to the Variety magazine. The number of the viewers and people got known keep increasing in the past years. Therefore, at least, 4. 4 million viewers would pay attention when seeing this ad. Moreover, using stars in the ad would gain trust in customer and encourage them to buy the product.

Besides being known as a famous talk show host, Ellen is better known as a lesbian celebrity. The Covergirl claimed that their products are not only for women, but they are also for any gender and ages of users. In additional, Ellen Degeneres is about fifty-eight at the time the ad was released. However, in the ad, Elen look pretty young by the flawless skin. The audience at the middle age would be convinced to buy the product by comparing Ellen age and her looks. On Ellen’s knees is a raccoon which looking straight to the audiences.

The raccoon looks pretty calmed and comfortable. The Cover Girl used an animal in their ad propose that their product is healthy and safe for the environment. Also, the raccoon in the ad looks adorable, would get attention for anyone who loves the animal. Underneath the dark bold the brand of the product is “Recommended by CoverGirl and dark circle experts! “. The writing gaining the trust in the customer by experts who understand and knowledge about the product effects. When audiences see this writing, they would be more convinced about the products.

In the bottom of the ad, there was a separated part from the photoshoot, which contains products image and a sort information of the product. “ The next big thing in younger looking skin: CC Creams” the “CC Cream” was the biggest front and dark bolded. Underneath is uses of the products: “Corrects the look of spots over time”, “dark circle”, “fine lines and wrinkles”, “smooth texture, nourishing moisturizers”, and “vitamins and antioxidants”. Each use is written down the line and started by a check mark. This method help audience easier to read, and like to read. The check mark aims that the users that the product has done after using it.

There were many uses for a product and it would let customers whoever read the ad would buy the product right away. At the right side are the image the product in a nice designed. The ad’s intentions were successful by how simple it was. Following to the way most people read, they would read from the top to the bottom, the left to right. The organization of the ad is very convenience for audiences to read and get the message that the ad wants to send. Audience’s attention would first be on the model, who have a look that audiences want to be, and able to convince them to buy the product.

Next, the viewer would find what is the ad about by looking to for the name and brand of product. The “Covergirl & Olay” in the biggest font would represent the brand of the product. Under the brand is the saying that the product was recommended by dark circle expert. Moreover, the design of the product portrays in 3 tones of color white, purple, and black. White in the ad helps it popping up the ad in wherever it placed. Also, white present for purity and beauty which majority women liked. Purple play important roles to represent the product and the brand because the main color of Covergirl is purple.

Public also stand for Nobility and enchantment of women. Black color help to define and highlight detail and letter in the ad. Overall, the Covergirl CC cream ad success in getting audience attention and portrayed the information of the product in text and visual image. Otherwise, the product gives a comfortable feeling when looking at by the harmony of color, and friendly image. Instead of using a young model, Covergirl use image of Ellen Degeneres who is old but her face doesn’t show the age. Also, the image of Ellen and the raccoon look friendly to the audience.

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