No More Sailor Songs

The men’s choir preformed at the Hillcrest High school. They were the first to perform at the concert. Then came the women’s choir, then after that was the more expectance singers performed after the women’s choir. Each group had their own songs to preform but I’m going to talk about the one I performed in … Read more

Black Swamp Festival

For my event I attended the Black Swamp Arts Festival back in September. This festival was over a whole weekend and it was filled with eclectic styles of art and music. Walking through the festival and seeing the different booths made me feel like I was in a whole new world sometimes. The art was … Read more

Performance Arts Final Reflection

For the past few weeks in Performance Arts Class, we have worked on choreography pieces created by different people in the class. Each person in the class was given the chance to be a choreographer. The choreographers would choose other students to act as performers in their dance. The choreographers would choose the performers based … Read more

Dance Imagery Essay

The effects of Dance Imagery and its contribution towards healthy body alignment and positive development in dance. This essay will discuss how to focus on keeping ideal alignment by using Dance Imagery in the process of personal development throughout technique and independent rehearsals. (Ashley. 2005) “alignment is good posture, achieved by holding sections of the … Read more