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An Effective Supervisor

The best type of supervisor for me is a combination of a Directive supervisor and a Steadfast supervisor.

My supervisor outline:


* Comfortable leading and makes quick decisions

* Empathetic/sensitive, a good listener

* Uses direct communication and gives constructive feedback (both positive and negative), is non-judgmental

* Gives clear instructions and promotes worker self-direction

* Good problem solver, consistent/dependable

I am most comfortable receiving supervision from someone who has experience in

the organization and is comfortable leading. This supervisor is confident but not intimidating, insensitive, or impatient. I appreciate a supervisor who is knowledgeable of program policies and procedures and is able to give clear direction to staff. This supervisor has regular meetings with staff and provides clear, direct guidance of what is expected. She ensures that staff is trained properly and promotes worker self-direction but is also available to answer questions from staff when they arise.

I appreciate my current supervisor because she has experience in the organization. She started working in the organization as a Resident Counselor, and she has worked her way up to the position of Program Manager. I believe her years of experience in the organization have prepared her well for her leadership position. I have confidence in her leadership because she

was promoted from within the organization. This type of promotion indicates to me that her superiors are confident in her ability to lead, and I can also be confident in following her leadership. It is very important to me that I am confident in my supervisor’s abilities to know and execute the program regulations and policies.

My supervisor has more of a Directive style of leadership. I am very happy with this communication style because she makes her expectations clear. If I am uncertain about instructions she has given, she is happy to clarify. I also appreciate that she gives me feedback. If I did not perform a task well, she provides feedback in a timely manner so I am able to make adjustments quickly and improve my performance.

I believe my supervisor is an Administrative type, and she is striving to ensure that I learn how to provide ethical and clinically appropriate service. Though she is a Directive type supervisor, I believe I can ask for more positive feedback if I need it. She has expressed to me that I need to do my tasks more quickly. This makes her seem impatient and insensitive, but I am aware that I do take longer to complete tasks. I have communicated to her that I believe I will complete my tasks more quickly with more experience in this work environment. I am aware that my supervisor is new in her position, and that I am the first intern at Macon MHFC. I believe the best way I can cope with her leadership and supervision style is by being professional, patient, and supportive of her.

Preparing for Supervision

I believe the best way I can prepare for supervision is to make notes of the topics I would like to discuss, and maintain the proper attitude. When it comes to supervision, I need to be ready to listen and to learn. The feedback I receive is intended to enhance my skills as an ethical

and skillful social worker. I have the responsibility to accept the feedback I receive, discuss any questions I may have, and make the appropriate changes.


I have several people who are working with me in the home. Both of them are formal resources. The first person I would like to discuss is a Resident Counselor who has been with MHFC for nearly three years. Because he is a fellow veteran, we established an almost instant rapport. I am able to communicate with him on a different level than with the other employees. We have a deep, mutual respect for each other, and I feel comfortable and supported in this environment because he is here. His is teaching me how to use the Teaching Model with the clients and the everyday tasks of the Resident Counselors.

The second person I would like to discuss is the Family Services Specialist. She is a 2008 WCU alumna from the Social Work department. I was assigned to work with her two weeks ago. She is teaching me program requirements and how to work with clients, their families, and the juvenile justice system. She is also teaching me about how clients qualify for services and what type of clients are a good fit. Her long-term goal for me is to be able to lead group discussion in family meetings and planning meetings with court counselors.

I have been on several home visits with both of these trainers. They are always willing to answer any questions I have and are happy to share information about their experiences. I feel both of these people are interested in promoting my understanding of the program and developing my skills as a competent and ethical social worker.

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