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Ability To Read And Write Disadvantages Essay

In different countries, there are children that are illiterate. Some parents cannot afford an education for themselves or their children. In India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Brazil and other countries, three quarters of adults are illiterate. In fact, having the opportunity to read and write is beneficial towards one’s social and economic life. Being able to read and write is a gift that every individual should be part of. People should have the privilege to an education due to generating themselves to become a better person through learning.

At an early childhood stage, I started to read and write in pre- kindergarten. At first, the care takers of the preschool had taught me the letters of the alphabet. My brain became inquisitive of what were letters. I had to speak out the sound of each letter and correlate each letter with an image. The difficult part of learning how to write was differentiating the sound of the letter C from the letter K. When I heard the word cat or kangaroo, I did not know which letter the word began with. The care takers practice with each student how to write each letter uppercase and lowercase.

All the students including myself had to handwrite each letter. For example, I had to write out the letter B in the dashed line that was given. Sometimes, I had to trace each letter and create words with them. In order to understand what a word meant, I had to spell each word aloud to myself. Later on, I started to learn symbols for words in math. Personally speaking, learning basic math operations and how to apply these operations to word problems was easier than writing. Eventually, my challenge of mixing up the letter K from English 125 LM2 was untangled.

Spelling out words and defining its meaning was the way I figured out which letters belongs with which word. In elementary school, I highly mastered in my reading, math and writing skills. Everything was not perfect, but I was ameliorating academically. My parents and my big brother was my guidance towards success. Observing how I grew from learning the alphabet to writing stories in class was a major transformation. My academic path was healed and assisted by the support of loved ones. In middle school and high school people always extended a helping hand towards me.

Due to my hearing impairment, I stumbled in certain courses. The guidance of my hearing teacher had converse with the person who once had the lack of confidence and self-esteem. In addition, this teacher had altered me to be a better person socially and academically. At first, this woman compelled me to have a conversation and make eye contact with her. The multiple conversations I had with my hearing teacher; made me feel open to express the person I really was. Other students and I were taken to different Broadway shows to communicate with each other.

Moreover, all of us were taken into the city to embrace public and being aware of our surroundings. This woman was some sort of angel that always helped me to understand my grammar on verb tense. My hearing teacher proctored my state exams and helped me studied for my tests. In fact, she gave me ideas on what to write as a topic for my essays. In all, my hearing teacher made me realize that having an education is precious. This woman had extended a great helping hand towards me and my family. My past years of learning had constructed my presence to lead a successful path towards the future.

Through my learning process, a drastic conversion had overturned. “The sliver trump Diana Partap English 125 LM2 of freedom has roused my soul to eternal wakefulness” (Douglass 69). I finally woke up to realize that pursing an education is creativity. To demonstrate, without the use of words and learning to write is the like the human body with no oxygen. With all the help I received, creativity comes from within a person. I appreciate the knowledge that I learned from my past. The basic skills in math, writing and reading had entitled me to advance in the process of learning.

As for now, college is a higher level of education and I have to uphold the honor that I am placed in. Every individual is a student when it comes to learning and teaching others. Overall, people who are able to be educated should take advantage of this opportunity. Learning can impact a person’s life positively and let that person prosper knowledge on to others. One can accomplish their goals by accumulating their proficiency at a higher level. As I said before wisdom is fragile and valuable. Being able to read and write will allow people to demonstrate themselves through words.

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