Dare Essay Examples

I learned that drugs and alcohol are not good for you while participating in D.A.R.E. I also learnt that smoking or consuming any other drug can harm your physical health in various ways. Marijuana causes breathing difficulties, short-term memory loss, slowed coordination and reflexes, as well as impairing distance, speed, and reaction time abilities. It … Read more

Camel Cigarettes Essay

“There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned there are more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are poisonous”(American Lung Association). Tobacco was introduced in Europe in the late 1500s/ early 1600s, but did not become popular in America until after the Civil War. … Read more

Tobacco Effects On The American Indians Essay

The history of tobacco shows nothing but the positives but tobacco is actually harmful and potentially deadly. Tobacco was discovered by the American Indians and believed tobacco to be more than it actually was. It was used in many ways and all of them was thought to be totally positive effects, not knowing how harmful … Read more

Popular Urban Myths Essay

Experts have stated that urban legends are an essential part of popular culture because they provide intuitiveness into our fears and aversions. Urban legends exist to give us examples of life lessons, conspiracy theories but mostly because they are fun to tell. An urban legend is often a story told by mouth with different variations … Read more

The Drug Overdose Problem Essay

A big problem some people face each day is drug overdose. Many people have been addicted to drugs and in some cases it has lead to death. Drug overdose can cause a lot of effects of someone’s mind and body. Many lives are lost because of overdosing on drugs such as smoking, painkillers, and even … Read more

Argumentative Essay On E-Cigarettes

About ten million cigarettes are sold around the world on a daily basis. Facts like that make one wonder of the effects that come along with smoking cigarettes. Although cigarette consumption is a growing market around the world, its production and sale should be made illegal due to its addictive additives, the physical toll it … Read more

Vaping Should Be Banned Essay

A current problem I see that has not been fully aware or solved is vaping or the use of e-cigarettes. There are places where vaping is accepted but, there other countries that are trying to ban the use of vaping. Before vaping was getting popular there was no signs stating you can’t vape, like how … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Electronic Cigarettes

Believe it or not the Electronic Cigarette has been around for a long time, like since the 1960s. However, in 2013 electronic cigarette became a hot item and had many new smokers and regular tobacco users switching to this new way of smoking. This new found technology even has a new term, individuals no longer … Read more