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The Drug Overdose Problem Essay

A big problem some people face each day is drug overdose. Many people have been addicted to drugs and in some cases it has lead to death. Drug overdose can cause a lot of effects of someone’s mind and body. Many lives are lost because of overdosing on drugs such as smoking, painkillers, and even alcohol. Overdosing has become more and more of a big problem over the years and could be very dangerous. Many people have been suffering with overdosing for many years. People in United States have died in a average of 44,000 every year.

Drug overdose can impact anyone for example, young hildren can accidentally put pills in their mouth without someone watching them. Another example would be when someone takes to many pills on medication and overdoses. This research paper will explain the history, what the effects and the solution of drug overdose. What is overdosing exactly? Overdosing is when someone use too much drugs on themselves from medication and or prescription. According to harmreduction. org on the “what is an overdose? ” Overdose happens when a toxic amount of drugs overwhelm the body.

With an overdose it takes minutes to hours before you die. This explains how a overdosing happens to someone and how drug have toxin them which affects someone. People abuse drugs on prescription medication and don’t understand how and why they abuse drugs. According to the article “Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction” it says that many people do not understand how and why they abuse drug and that they do not know that it gets rid of the cells in their body. Many use drug for pain or stress but mainly pain.

Drug are dangerous to the human brain and drugs that contain chemicals enter the brain and interrupt the ways nerve cells regularly work ike send, receive, and process information. This explains how the past didn’t know how drugs damage the human brain. Overdosing and drug abuse have been a big problem for many of years. In the website serenity now from the article “The History of drugs use in the united states” it says in the 1960s 48 percent of americans thought drugs were a serious problem. Drugs use in the 1960s that were drug abuse or overdose include LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), Marijuana and Amphetamines.

The 1970s saw increased awareness of the danger of drug and treatment programs. By the 1980s more rugs have become more problematic but drugs such as cocaine was not an addictive drug. In the years of 2000s drugs such as cocaine and marijuana are still being abuse and overdose. Alcohol abuse have show changes throughout the decades and people over 12 years old entered a treatment program were abusing alcohol in the years 2000s. This explain how drugs were first notice to be a big problem in the United States and what kind of drugs that were used to be abuse and overdose on.

People who overdose in the past compared to now is dying from overdosing. For example, from www. overdoseday. om on “Facts & Stats” “more than three out of fire drug overdose deaths involve an opioid. ” Overdose, including prescription and heroin, have quadrupled since 1999. In 2014 overdosing with opioids killed more than 28,000 people. In 2014 a total of 47,055 drug overdose deaths happen in the US, having a 1-year increase of 6. 5 percent. This explains that overdose in 2014 was a very big problem and many of people have died under that year in the United States .

Are overdose is more of an incident or more of a propose, they can be more of an accident if drugs aren’t handle with care. According to the article of “drug overdose” from webmd. com it states that “Accidental overdoses result from either a young child or an adult with impaired mental abilities swallowing a medication left within their grasp. ” When it comes to drugs some people are more sensitive so people are easily overdosed. This explains that drug overdose can be of an posepose than being a accident and this has been happening for many of years.

The effects of drug overdose can rather be a long-term effects or a short-term effects. According to the article “The effects of drug abuse” from ProjectKnow Understanding Addiction, The hort term effects of a drug user is depends on how much they use. Drug can affects someone’s mood, energy level, and their perception. The common drug or substance used to be overdose or abuse is alcohol, opiates, etc. They each can produce their own short-term effects. The long-term effects of can be caused by increase of dose. People who are addicted are unable to control the use of drugs and can affects their daily lives.

The terms of long-term effects usually involve with your work, school, and even legal problems. This explains the short and long term effects of drug overdose and what kind of effects hat happen. Short-terms effects of drug abuse and overdose immediately affect the body. In the article “What are the short-terms effects of cocaine? ” it says that cocaine immediately affects after a single dose under minutes or hours. Little amounts of cocaine can make the user feel energetic, high alert. Also it can make the user feel hypersensitive to sight, sound, and touch.

Short-term effects to physical health lead to constricted blood vessel, dilated pupils, and increase body temperature. Huge amounts of cocaine can make the the abuser high but also lead to izarre, erratic, and violent behavior. Info from some cocaine users report that they feel restlessness, irritability, anxiety, panic, users also may feel tremors, vertigo, and muscle twitching. This explain the short-term effects of drug abuse especially the drug cocaine. The dangers of long-term effects of drug addicts and overdose. Cocaine users get massive damage to their heart each time they use the drug.

The most common problem with drug addicts condition include heart disease and heart failure. Anyone who smokes the drug that they are addicted to is putting their lung in danger. Smoking drugs can damage the lungs long-term nicotine habit, regular marijuana drug use also causes damage to the lungs. Any long-term drug addicts start to grow a tolerance to drugs. Tolerance becomes more dangerous as it causes the drug user to use more and more drug to desire themselves. This puts the drug user in risk of overdosing a lot and even lead to death. This is shown in the article “Long Term Drug Addiction Effects” from DrugAbuse. et.

This means that long-term effects are very dangerous to people who are addicted to drugs. Other substance that are commonly affect people is alcohol. According to the article “Alcohol Overdose: The Danger of Drinking Too Much” from National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism it says that “Continuing to drink despite clear signs of significant impairments can result in a potentially deadly type of overdose called alcohol poisoning. ” The effects of alcohol poisoning may include vomiting, trouble breathing and more. Alcohol can cause vomiting even with no gag reflex.

People who drink to the point where they would pass out can be a choking hazard and can lead to death. This explain that even alcohol can be dangerous to people who abuse it to much. Another type of drug people commonly abuse is tobacco/ cigarettes. People who smoke cigarettes get an immediately respond from their body. According to the article “Tobacco” from Partnership for Drug-free kids it says, A person’s body responds to the nicotine chemical in the smoke, nicotine can increase the blood pressure, heart rate and the flow of blood from the heart.

The long-term effects of smoking can cause lung disease, heart disease and as well as cancer to the lungs. Research study states that more than 40 chemical in smoking can cause cancer to human and animals. Every year the Environmental Tobacco Smoking (ETS) causes an estimates that 3,000 nonsmoking American to die to lung cancer and that more than 300,000 children will suffer to lower respiratory-tract infections. Research also shows that exposure to ETS increases to risk of heart disease.

This explains that tobacco causes a lot of short and long-term effects to your body and can affect other people nearby. Effects of drug are very dangerous, they can affect both physical and mental problems. In the article “drugs and addiction” it states that many chemical from drug that go into your body ffect everything like your education and playing sports. The chemicals that get into your brain can erase all information that goes to your brain. Certain drugs can hurt all of you body parts.

This explains that chemicals that get into your body affects you both mentally and physically. Opiates is another type drug that people overdose on and sometime lead them to death. Opiates are psychoactive drugs that affect the brain, two additional sign of opiate overdose involve pupils and unconsciousness. Side effects of overdose can more than an potentially fatal, the physical symptoms really epend on what kind of drug that is being consumed, this comes from the article “A Look at the Physical Anatomy of an Overdose”.

This explains that opiates can be very dangerous and can include many symptoms to your brain and your body. What are some ways we can solve drug overdose and how the law deals with overdosing of drugs? In the article “Shift Resources Into Program That Work” It states that “Government must understand that the law enforcement model won’t work and it will soon turn to dealing with drug abuse as a problem with social and economic consequences. Public approaches ar in solutions that involve addicts and abusers.

This explain that the government don’t think that solutions for drug abuse and overdose don’t work and that solution are now in public eye. The government and states are changing their way over drugs. According to the article “Respect state’s Rights and Allow New Approaches to be Tried” it says that the state’s improvement involve treatments, prescriptions and medication of marijuana also the use of permits. The government denied many of these state improvements and tried ways to prevent them from being executed.

This explain that the government doesn’t approve the state’s way of improving treatments or drug abuse and overdose. The way to prevent an overdose and drug abuse can have many methods to control. In the article “Drug and Alcohol Prevention (School-based)” it states that “Successful methods to school related drug and alcohol avoidance include showing students how to withstand peers influence. Programs for older students seek to grow their communication skills, self efficacy and drug resistance skills.

Any substance used in prevention programs should be longer and boost the sessions to prevention programs from decaying over time. This explains that prevention programs find methods to prevent an drug abuse or overdose for young and older students. Alcohol is another substance that people overdose on, ways to prevent alcohol addiction is concerning. When someone is an alcoholic, get them to realize that they have an drinking problem.

The abuser family should help informed that drinking problems can affects other. Once that the alcoholic finds out that their problem they can be relief that they got successful treatment. The more alert when they have an drinking problem the quicker they should have the treatment. This show in the article “Alcohol Abuse. ” This explains that another way to prevent alcohol abusers, family treatment can help. Also alcoholic can be notice once it starts to a problem.

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