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Essay about Pros And Cons Of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are modern devices that are beginning to make smoking look fashionable again. Companies of the products trick consumers by claiming the products are safe, and offer lower prices as a way to reel in their customers. The consumers do not know that they are falling into a marketing trap. As electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular and acceptable, more individuals are using the devices as a substitute to traditional cigarettes. The devices are used to inhale nicotine, without the smoke byproduct that cigarettes create.

Others feel that the dangerous chemicals found inside could be creating serious complications. Additional legislation should be put in place, to decrease the use and availability of electronic cigarettes. Although, some people do not agree with the idea of the government creating policies to minimize the obtainability of electronic cigarettes. These individuals suggest that there may be potential benefits of electronic cigarettes, which outweigh the many cons. They justify this thought process by claiming that they do not want their rights to be taken away.

The main problem with this is simply that they have not been informed of all the detrimental side effects. Some people are not concerned or worried about electronic cigarettes because they do not know there is something to worry about in the first place. Individuals in favor of keeping electric cigarettes on the market wrongly believe that the devices are healthier and can help old-fashioned smokers quit their cigarette addiction, or at least limit their use.

Abigail S. Friedman, who obtained her Ph. D. in the economics concentration of Harvard University’s Ph. D. Program in Health Policy and currently works as an assistant professor from the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Yale School of Public Health, stated in her article “How Does Electronic Cigarette Access Affect Adolescent Smoking? ” that “some claim that they reduce smoking by leading smokers and would-be smokers to substitute away from cigarettes. ” This is a potential example of why some people feel that electronic cigarettes should be allowed to be in use and should potentially be less strictly monitored.

If the products have aided to these people, it would make sense that some people think that they should be allowed on the market. It is true that many smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes, have reduced cigarette consumption. Although this transition may occur it does not mean that it is a positive change. So in reality, this just shows that it is easy for purchasers to feel that making the switch is a healthy decision when they have been misguided by the companies that are advertising to them.

Davendralingam Sinniah and Erwin Jiayan, from the Department of Pediatrics at the International Medical University Clinical School Seremban in Malaysia, showed in their article “Ecigarettes: Facts and Legal Status” that “Addiction Magazine 7 has reported that among smokers who have attempted to stop smoking without professional support those who used ecigarettes were more likely to report continued abstinence than those who either used a licensed nicotine replacement therapy product that they had bought over-the-counter, or those who did not use any aid to help quit smoking.

So, electronic cigarettes have shown to help some users quit use more than other methods. An idea would be that cigarette users could be able to obtain prescriptions from their doctors for Electronic Cigarettes, to help them quit. If this idea was put into effect only people with a desire to stop smoking would have the opportunity to start using electronic cigarettes. If a law such as this was passed in the United States it would help reduce the amount of smokers in the country.

If electronic cigarettes were no longer sold at stores less people would start smoking, and only people who were looking for a method to quit would have access to the products. There is no clearly no reason to allow nonsmokers to purchase electronic cigarettes because the products do not aid to them in any way. Sinniah and Jiayan also explained that “there are disposable and reusable versions. E-liquids compromise a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine, and flavouring.

Various E-liquids are available with or without nicotine, propylene, glycol, and flavor like tobacco, mint and fruit. Having various options of electronic cigarettes allows users who would regularly smoke cigarettes to start using products that do not include as much tobacco, or none at all. These users are attracted to the variety that is now readily available to them. Although the fact that consumers have a wide selection of products to choose from is not necessarily a good thing. The nicotine free products are clearly better than the ecigs that do include nicotine, but this does not make them ok. Other hazardous chemicals are still in the products that are not safe.

The flavored options also attract younger customers that are intrigued by the fruit and mint selections. So, just because less people would be smoking cigarettes does not mean that less people would be affected by the same consequences that smoking creates. This “substitute product” may just be another problem that companies will just have to come up with solutions for in the future. Some other areas of access, such as the internet, are also not ways that people should legally be able to make purchases from.

Annice E. Kim and Kurt M. Ribisl, from the department of Health Behavior and Health Education, which is part of the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Christine D. Delnevo and Mary Hrywa, from the Department of Health Education and Behavioral Science at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Public Health in Newark, NJ wrote the article “Smokers’ Beliefs and Attitudes about Purchasing Cigarettes on the Internet.

The authors of this article emphasized that only regular users, people who smoke on a daily basis that have no intention of quitting, who purchase in large quantities would be prone to purchasing packages on the ernet. Electronic cigarettes on the web often come packaged in large cartons because it is more cost effective. But, someone looking to quit would benefit more from purchasing less at once, or having a prescription, so that they would not use the substitute in access.

People who have more of the substance are also more likely to share the products with their friends. This would increase the purchaser’s intake and encourage their family and friends to try smoking. So, having online sales only serves as a way to increase the amount of people addicted to the chemicals found in the products. There is no positive reason for sales to take place online. Having a large amount of nicotine based products at once is pointless because it causes consumers to use their supply more leisurely, instead of limiting consumption.

Even if only people trying to quit had the ability purchase the products, electronic cigarettes may not even be a good substitute. They are not necessarily healthier, even though that is what companies want people to think. On this opposing side of the argument, Friedman explains that “others maintain that e-cigarettes increase smoking by inducing initiation among users who would not otherwise smoke. ” This shows that electronic cigarettes are a preventable danger because they give smokers additional products to use for their nicotine addictions.

But, this also means that some people who were not interested in the original idea of smoking may start to become intrigued anyways, because they were curious about electronic cigarettes Electronic cigarettes appeal to different people than traditional cigarettes do, because they are modern and new. People who are opposed to smoking may feel differently about electronic cigarettes because society views them in a more positive light. Davendralingam Sinniah and Erwin Jiayan noted “in one brand of e-cigarette, the level of carcinogens was 10 times more than the level contained in one regular cigarette.

This shows that there is evidence of electronic cigarettes potentially being more dangerous than normal cigarettes. There is no moral reasoning to support companies making money off of a product that only has negative impacts on individuals. It is corrupt and unfair of corporations to profit from this monstrosity. Sinniah and Jiayan also explained “Jensen et. al. found that long-term vaping is associated with an incremental lifetime cancer risk of 4. 2x 10-3. This risk is 5 times as high compared with the risk associated with long-term standard smoking based on the calculation of Miyake and Shibamoto.

These products have many of the same hazardous chemicals that regular cigarettes include. People have a bias idea of just how dangerous they are because how of how they are marketed and advertised. But, electronic cigarettes are just as cancerous as regular cigarettes. In fact, they may be even more harmful. Sinniah and Jiayan illustrated that nicotine is a highly addictive drug that can cause problems with growing brains. This is very detrimental for younger individuals, whose neurotransmitters are still developing.

People should not be using products that will deteriorate their knowledge and memory. It is morally wrong of the government to allow teenagers to use these types of controlled substances, when their brains are not even fully developed. Nan Jiang, Sai Yin Ho, Lok Tung Leung, and Tai Hing Lam are from the School of Public Health at the University of Hong Kong. Man Ping Wang is affiliated with the same University but is from the School of Nursing. They composed the article “Electronic Cigarette use among adolescents: a cross-sectional study in Hong Kong.

They wanted to illustrate that “the product may appeal to adolescents and young adults and act as a gateway to smoking due to the flavor options and stylish design. Second, it undermines clean air policies if used in smoke free environment. Third, it may re-normalize tobacco use and change social norms about smoking. ” Electronic Cigarettes will alter peoples’ views and individuals will start to think that smoking is in style again. Companies advertise their cool designs and flavors to attract younger people. This was shown in the study because it was found that the majority of users were younger males. Also, it was shown that a large amount of users who used the products were unaware of the negative side effects that smoking produces.

People need to be educated in order to make healthy choices. So, potential solutions need to be implemented because there is still many harmful effects that come from using electronic cigarettes. Friedman also states that “e-cigarettes cost less than cigarettes per use in all but the lowest cigarette tax states.” People who cannot afford to smoke still unfortunately have increased opportunity to do so. If the price of electronic cigarettes was increased less people would waste their time buying the devices. This would help decrease usage. Even people who aren’t smoking, still are forced to undergo second hand smoke and vapors.

Christopher Carpenter, who obtained his Ph.D. in economics from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, and Sabina Postolek and Casey Warman, who obtained their economics degrees from Queen’s University composed an article to show current laws pertaining to smoking in public places. They noted that “environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is estimated to kill 600,000 people worldwide each year through increased heart disease, respiratory ailments, asthma, and lung cancer.” Electronic cigarettes include many of the same

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