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Camel Cigarettes Essay

“There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned there are more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are poisonous”(American Lung Association). Tobacco was introduced in Europe in the late 1500s/ early 1600s, but did not become popular in America until after the Civil War. 15 of every 100 adults smoke cigarettes.

Today there are over 55 different brands of cigarettes in America. Cigarette smoking is responsible for 480,000 deaths per year in the United States”(CDC). Cigarette ads like Newport and Camels’ use colors that are very bold, and large fun fonts on words that are very descriptive that persuade consumers to believe that cigarettes are fun and they need them. Camel cigarettes logo is a camel. In the ad there is a dark/light blue background. There are 3 boxes with a different picture and meaningful word over them.

In the first box there is a match being lit with the word passionate over it, in the second box there is a woman with a white feathery mask on with the word inspired over it, the last box has a picture of a black man and a white woman playing the piano and they are both smoking a cigarette with the word original written over it. The brand put the three words in different fonts to make them stand out and appeal more to consumers/viewers. At the bottom of the ad there is a slogan that says, “Taste It All” and also the surgeon general’s warning.

I think the goal of this ad was to show how successful the Camel company is, but also to persuade consumers that they will/could have these three feelings/attributes from smoking their cigarettes. Newport cigarettes logo is a swoosh that resembles the Nike swoosh. In the ad there is the word pleasure in a big orange bubbly font on the side, this is pathos which appeals to viewers/consumers emotions. There is a woman and a man with bright clothing on playing basketball at a basketball court, and you can see her with the ball and him trying to get it.

They are both looking at each other smiling. This scenario of them playing basketball looking happy and having fun would make it seem like cigarettes are fun and good for you. There is a slogan “Rich & Refreshing. The perfect Menthol! ” This slogan is noting that the taste of their cigarette is perfect and is rich and refreshing, which smokers or any consumers would look for in something they are consuming. There is also four images of their different boxes/kinds of cigarettes.

In small font there is a statement stating, “These cigarettes do not present a reduced risk of harm compared to other cigarettes. ” At the bottom there is the surgeon general’s warning, and a statement saying “Restricted to Adult smokers 21 or Older. ” I think the goal of this ad was to show that Newport’s cigarettes are fun and good for you in a way, and that their brand/company is better than other brands, but at the same time they all do damage/harm to you.

In both cigarette ads they try to defend how good their brand is and claim they are the best, while persuading viewers/consumers that cigarettes are good for you. I think Camel’s ad was more about how successful and original their company is, and Newports ad was more about being fun and cool. They both use different colors, fonts, and words that appeal to the emotions/eye. Both ads are very descriptive and use good words to boost their consumers.

These ads were in Essence magazine is a monthly which is predominantly for Black women that covers; fashion, lifestyle, beauty, entertainment,etc,. I think it is very misleading on how the cigarette ads give you the surgeon general’s warning but not also on the different ingredients/poisons,drugs in their product. The warnings tell you what they do but not what makes them do it. I think cigarette companies take advantage of consumers because they know cigarettes are addicting to the people that smoke them, and they depend on those bad things that are harming people to bring them profit.

Cigarette companies like Newport and Camel have been around for a long time manipulating and conditioning people to believe cigarettes are fun, and they are what people need to have, even though everyone knows they are bad for you. Smoking is bad for you and just as bad is secondhand smoke. So even if you don’t smoke cigarettes and are around people that do smoke a lot your health is being at risk just as much as theirs. Today there are many campaigns to stop smoking and to be the the generation that ends smoking. “Whats a pack of cigarettes cost”? $11, your teeth, you skin, your life.

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