The Importance Of Following Orders

In a time of war, it is absolutely essential that soldiers follow orders. Lives may depend on it. When soldiers disobey orders, there can be disastrous consequences. During wartime, every decision made by a soldier must be carefully considered. There is no room for error. One wrong move could mean the difference between life and … Read more

Army Soldier Research Paper

The sound of the bomb dropping, exploding, made every soldier’s body and hearing, and goes numb and ring. One soldier was hit, but can’t yell for help because the numbing and ringing of hearing, another soldier notices by a glance. The soldier then picks up the wounded soldier with all the might and power the … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of The American Civil War

In New York, people are outraged with how everyone is treating each other and how the military forces them around and hurt them. Plus, with the disrespect, racism and violence from everyone it’s impossible to get through anything. No one agrees with each other and no one trusts anyone. One day, a teenage boy around … Read more

Research Paper On Drones

Once a science fiction movie idea, now they are slowly becoming reality; seen more often in everyday life. A drone is an unmanned aircraft or ship guided by remote control or onboard computers. Drones for recreational use are strictly regulated. Unless your drone is less than . 55 grams then it needs to be registered … Read more

Military Draft Argumentative Essay

The United States is home to the world’s strongest military, and at this date and time, they are in no need of conscription. The United States has never had a positive history when it comes to drafting eligible citizens into the Armed Forces. Since Colonial times, especially the Revolutionary War, conscription has always been known … Read more

Essay about Ap World History Dbq Empires

From the 1200’s BCE to 1300 AD, empires grew into existence and fell to destruction. They changed the systems of politics and warfare, shifting through different styles of warfare and uses for the armies they built. Most empires had some sort of military force used to conquer, expand and protect their lands from “barbarians” or … Read more

James Longstreets Military Career Essay

James Longstreet was raised to be in the military. After attending the U. S. Military Academy, he started his long career in the army where his rank was frequently promoted. He fought with the confederates during the Civil War and served as General Lee’s right hand man. During the Civil War Longstreet became well known … Read more

When Is Military Force Justified Essay

When it comes to extreme situations in many different countries such as Iraq, Syria, or even our own country. To examples we have seen that military force is vital factor in the world today. Military force has been used many times, such as bombing Hiroshima during world war II that had killed over 129,000 people. … Read more

Women In The Military Essay

Throughout our nations history, women have fought in each American battle that American men have participated. Though they did not wear uniforms, women were hired to fill multiple positions during the American Revolution, yet received little acknowledgement for their services in the history books. While it has been a slow process, there are now more … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of The Harpoon Missile Essay

The UGM-84A, or the Harpoon missile is an anti-ship missiles capable of engaging a variety of targets. Through technological advancements, harpoons can now be incorporated into every naval platform in order to combat various enemies. With its built in radar, targets can now be detected at longer rangers and precisely eliminated. This radar system also … Read more