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Army Soldier Research Paper

The sound of the bomb dropping, exploding, made every soldier’s body and hearing, and goes numb and ring. One soldier was hit, but can’t yell for help because the numbing and ringing of hearing, another soldier notices by a glance. The soldier then picks up the wounded soldier with all the might and power the American warrior has. Running to the group of soldiers for help but then are hit by another sniper, both begin lying in agony, praying for help, believing both are going to die wherever the soldiers’ bodies lie.

That’s when a woman soldier and another male soldier render aid in picking up the hit soldiers and running to the tank that is going to keep the group safe and return back to base to get to the hospital, to the doctors and nurses, going through the radiologist to see the missing or broken bones. In order to become one of these soldiers and radiologist hero’s in the making, you have to be at least at the age of seventeen with your parents or legal guardian’s consent, that is the earliest enlisting acceptable age.

The normal age is eighteen, the oldest you can be in order to enlist is thirty-five, and anywhere in between eighteen through thirty-five. The soldier in the making then has to take an ASVAB test just to see what kind of score the enlistee receives to get into the army, then having to have a High School Diploma and or equivalent such as a G. E. D. , good moral standing, and being in good condition throughout the entire body and state of mind.

There are many different types of duties is going through boot camp that mainly last about eight weeks, then going into individual training that can last anywhere from four weeks to four years, just depending on what career or branch the hero in the making would want to go into. (“Military Career. ”) In order to be able to be one of these heroes in the making and saving soldiers’ lives, getting the degree to be a radiologist is a must! Getting into college is the first part, that is where the Baylor University would come in.

Baylor University is such a great school with great morals and structure. The tuition for an overall price comes out to $56,628. 00 a year. The required fees are $4,430 just alone, room and board fees are $12,588, and the cost rates for dining access for five days a week vary, the meal plan is an additional $200. Applying for FAFSA is also available, which can become a huge release of stress.

Therefore,going into Baylor University to get the degree in becoming a Radiologist, which is in the medical field. “Baylor University. ”) Radiologist has been just a two year program. After receiving the degree, and already enlisted into the army of the branch chosen. Putting the degree to use, as far as taking x-rays, CAT scans, and administer nonradioactive materials. It’s a big responsibility that can be overwhelming for some people. Strong and passionate people who can bare the distance from your family and love to work to serve and protect their country seem perfect for this job.

You can be a warrior just by taking care of the wounded and being apart of a huge family away from family is an unbelievable blessing, you do not have to be in combat to be a part of the army, saving infantrymen as in nurses and radiologist also play a big part in the army as well. (“Radiologic Technician. ”) If chosen to go into these combined careers, job steadiness as far as anyone’s concern should have no worries. There will always be a high demand for the army and also radiologist, and that is something that the United States will always need, more American citizens enlisting and more radiologists.

So therefore, why not do both in one? Be a server in our country and help protect the world, be a hero. Or not why be a radiologist and discover the broken bones and help the soldiers trying to get back out there in the field to continue on to fight for the country radiologist are always needed. (“Radiologic Technician. ”) The army is always hiring, contrary to the job outlook it may seem difficult, excruciating, or unrealistic, but it isn’t because once the boot camp training is over which has been known to be the hardest part and the individual part of the training seem hard.

But when all the training is done, it is not as bad as everyone makes it seem because you will begin to love the job and become dedicated to the job assigned. (“Military Career. ”) When everything comes down to the bottom line everyone is all about money, when first enlisted averaged first year salary is around $21,000, but then gradually increase as being promoted and ranked higher in positions. Being in the army there is so much room for advancement and to grow.

Promotion is such a great deal not only will the salary go up, but so will the responsibility, but there will always be that job and always have room for promotion. (Military Career. ”) While being a radiologist technician in the army the finances will be very good, being in the medical field alone is a good occupation, while being in the army as well, that is just a huge bonus added to it. The lowest stated hourly wage pay for a radiologist is $18. 59 an hour, which annually come out to $38,660. The highest is $39. 1 an hour, also comes out annually to 82,590.

Those are depending on what region of the United States you are currently located and reside in. In the state of Texas, the starting out pay for per hour is about $28. 49. Therefore, just starting out the finances would be great for any bachelor/ bachelorette, or family. Plus, once again, there is always more room for promotion and with promotion come a higher pay. (“Radiologic Technician”) When the two wounded soldiers made it to the hospital, sent into the x-ray section and scanned.

One soldier was missing his femur, but couldn’t be seen through bare eyes because of all the blood, but then was taken into immediate surgery. The other wounded soldier had crushed ribs, both were seen clearly through the x-rays. Years later, both wounded soldiers that seem to make it later on in life had seen the radiologist and thanked her for getting them in and getting them out safely. The radiologist felt good inside and enlisted for another four years just because the job was loved and loved the appreciation.

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