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When Is Military Force Justified Essay

When it comes to extreme situations in many different countries such as Iraq, Syria, or even our own country. To examples we have seen that military force is vital factor in the world today. Military force has been used many times, such as bombing Hiroshima during world war II that had killed over 129,000 people. Was that use of military force justifiable or was there was another way they could had resulted to? What is military force? Military force is forces who have been authorized to use deadly force in the best interest and support of the citizens.

The job of the military is to be the defense of the citizens and ndertaking of other countries in war. Most people think that military force may be used if a vital national interest of the United States is threatened. The difficulty lies in getting people to agree on what constitutes a vital national interest. An attack by a foreign country on the United States threatens a vital interest.

A vital interest threatened if a country attacked a nation that we had signed a security agreement with. The U. S. is the strongest democratic nation in the world. hould we stay out of the affairs of other nations unless they threaten other of our ational interests? Military force should be justifiable. It is justifiable because if don’t use military force then terrorist groups like ISIS will keep killing innocent people or if we didn’t stop Hitler he would have killed even more Jews. Self-defense should be an adequate reason. If a country is being attacked they should have every right to protect themselves within reason.

They should also need to prove that the harm they are trying to protect from is imminent. here are always reasons for military force in like World war II, it was started because the Germans got in a depression because of world war I and then Hitler became the Dictator and tried to conquer other countries (Owen, 2015). Another reason why military force is justified because even though it may not end in a good way it tends to almost keep the people who live in that country safe and stop from our interest from being threatened or violated, the decision is more fateful than the decision of a government to employ military force (Odias, 2016).

According to the first article called “When is the use of military force justifiable” it talks about ow president Obama had sought authorization or get approval from the congress to use military force in Syria after learning about their chemical weapons. The reason why president Obama wanted to use military force was because of the president of Syria had killed over 1,400 of his own citizens by using some form a deadly gas.

The president had stated that military action continues the cause of political settlement which is the only rational solution to war. A country may not be involved in other country’s affairs within its jurisdiction, but when it genocides its own people, other countries should ntervene now. Sovereignty does not excuse a country to kill its own people without intervention (Juris, 2017). There are certain times when military force should and shouldn’t be used or justified.

In my second article that is titled “When is war justified”, it argues in what situations should, or military force be justified whether it is due to a certain enrich mineral or resource that can create a warhead that a certain country has or a country developing or launching a nuclear warhead inside of a nuclear missile. Or even sending troops into another country hat a government has lost its power or authority to s terrorist group.

“No decision is more fateful of a government to employ military force (Haass, 2009). ven when the cases are clear as day it still is a difficult decision to make since politics will always been involved and not everyone will agree to the decision. In the 13h century St. Thomas Aquinas had three conditions or rules to make even war justifiable. The first condition is it has to be ordered by the government, the cause has to be justifiable or reasonable and the combatants must a right intention, so they ntend the battle between good and evil (Haass, 2009).

War should also be the last resort as there are more peaceful and easier solutions to solve a conflict without any type violence or any death to solve it. When it becomes justifiable it undoubtedly has to be necessary in which where the most vital interest of a country that are threatened and are no alternate options than using military force. Military force will do more good for the country and more people at a lower cost than diplomacy, sanctions. In the third article which is labeled ‘understanding authorizations for the use of military force”.

The constitution divides the powers to declare war and manner a war between the legislative and executive branch. In the first article of the constitution endows congress to call for war on a county, raise and maintain the military force. The second article of the constitution is really important because it talks about how the president is the commander in chief and gives the office permission to lead military forces in armed conflicts. Since the president is the commander in chief he gives the authority to use military in certain extreme circumstances such as president

Obama sending in navy seals troops in to a foreign country to find and put an end to Osama Bin Laden or deciding to use military force in the civil war of Syria. According to the article Ken Guide says that, “the congress decides whether to whether not to fight and the president as the commander in chief manages to fight authorized by the country’s congress, it has afforded the president greater latitude to use military force at the outset of a conflict. When it comes to talking about is military force justifiable, you also have to know how much should be allowed so it won’t be ver done by determining the extent of military force engagement.

The involvement of the country is all based on how the congress believes and agrees on. Before president Obama had left the office he didn’t want any ground troops involved in the military operation. If there were no troops on the ground the AMUF could authorize the president to deploy certain abilities to fight any type of certain terrorist group. Lastly in the last article which is “The uses of force”, it talks about how and when military force was in actual experiences and there is a foolish and also a smart way to run a country.

The force of ratio is often requested at 20 soldiers for every 1,000 citizens, which works out to be 650,000 troops for Iraq and even 600,000 for Afghanistan (Ringham, 2013). The force will either be too small to pacify or gain any territory or either too big or clumsy to win over the people in that territory. One of the biggest threats to the military force is not some terrorist organization but the budget cuts. In the next decade, the budget will come from the pentagon budget to be around one trillion dollars.

The budget could include cuts in troops to a lesser amount probably around 00,000 which is usually at almost approximately 500,000. The cuts will also go after the flight bombers and other essential transportation (Ringham, 2013). In my conclusion, I have stated today that for one that military can and should be justified so when it is use it won’t be for the wrong reasons. There are also certain when it is justifiable, it must be a just, a reason why and be requested from an intelligent authority. It is very important to use military force when it comes to protecting people but he has to be used in the right way and at the right time.

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