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The Pros And Cons Of The American Civil War

In New York, people are outraged with how everyone is treating each other and how the military forces them around and hurt them. Plus, with the disrespect, racism and violence from everyone it’s impossible to get through anything. No one agrees with each other and no one trusts anyone. One day, a teenage boy around the age 18, and a couple of his friends decided to speak up about the violence that’s going on around there. Devin, David and Michelle thinks that they should control the parts of New York. They make sooner or later make petition to pass around and tell everyone that they’re going on strike against the military.

So for two straight days they’ve planned on what to do to get rid of them and lock them out. So they found a huge community that was within 50 acres of land. Secretly they decided to barricade around the border and so thus they lived there. With Devin being in charge, and his friends being watch overs and supplying everyone with the things that they need. So for about three months, everyone was happy. They had their own food lines, the children went to school, people knew each other, they had normal meetings and gatherings, parties and everyone talked with each other like best friends.

With Devin being the leader everyone knew that everything would be ok. Devin was a hard worker as well, he kept everyone in check, still went to school, got good grades and hanged with his friends and everyone got along with no problems and fights. Devin felt the need that he shouldn’t be leader and that he should give his spot to someone else. When Devin made a decision upon the people on whether he should give his spot up to one of his people, everyone got into a disagreement but it was soon settled by David.

David himself said that he should be running after Devin which made Michelle upset because she claims that she works harder than the both of them. So Devin decides to give David the role of being a leader, which made Michelle thought that Devin was being sexist. This act made most of the females quite upset with the way Devin was being, he didn’t mean to offend them so David had to explain to everyone that Devin’s way of thinking wasn’t to offend the females. The women became less hostile but were still upset.

A couple days later they went back to their normal routine, everyone being themselves again and everyone being somewhat friendly. The only thing that wasn’t normal, is that sometimes at the meetings they would start arguing over something so stupid! Throughout the day someone thought that they heard small knocks on the barricade, but some thought it was just their imagination. “Bang bang”, as the knocks grew louder, they’ve gotten so loud they everyone started to panic with fear, children hiding behind their mother’s, parents trying to protect their children incase something bad happens.

Pure silence fell upon them as the barricade started to crack. The military had finally broke down a part of the barricade and started to capture them like animals. “Obey us or get killed! ”, said one the military guys. David was already trembling. Not knowing what to do as a leader, he decided to confront the entire group of men. Devin tried to stop David for doing such a idiotic idea, “What made him come up with that?!?! ” Devin thought, “The best way to handle this is to try and evacuate everyone before they all get injured!

Devin tried getting people, until he saw Michelle on the floor hurt. “!! MICHELLE”, he went over to her and tried to pick her up. Her bloody arm and stomach, wounded and bruised, “who did this to you?!?!? ” Michelle could barely speak, with all the pain being inflicted onto her arm and stomach, she muttered out the words “I… tried helping… I’m sorry I couldn’t be such a good friend….. ”. Streams of tears started going down Devins face “I’m sorry I treated you wrong from before! I didn’t mean any of this to happen!

This can’t be happening! ” That’s when Michelle finally passed. Devin held Michelle’s cold dead body, whimpering in pain hoping that his other friend would be ok in all this monarchy. David had gotten shot trying to fight back while Devin tried helping Michelle. Thinking back, Devin knew that he shouldn’t have done this. He felt like he put over 900,000 people in a trap. He didn’t know this would happen, he just wanted to live a nice life without people making him feel as if he shouldn’t.

Devin had lost one best friend that day and he regretted doing what he did so much. Luckily for David, he was only shot in the leg but that affected his walking so he has to use a wheelchair. The beginning of November falls upon the two boys, as they went back to living their normal tortured life. He and David are out for a walk and they pass by the graves. They decided to go stop by Michelle’s grave. They each brought a rose for her, cleaned her tombstone off and walked off, and hoped that in the future everything around there would get better.

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