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Earlham Case Study

Earlham College was created in the late 1840’s by the Religious Society of Friends, who are better known as the Quakers. Today, the college accepts students of all religious backgrounds, but they still provide an education that is rooted in the essential Quaker values of peace, respect, integrity and social justice. There are only approximately 1,000 undergraduates who attend this private college every year. The urban campus of 200 acres is located in Richmond, Indiana. This liberal arts college is east of Indianapolis and northwest of Cincinnati.

Students can choose from over 40 liberal arts undergraduate degree and a few master’s degree programs. Earlham College has a strong outdoor education program, which includes courses in backpacking and dog sledding, but it also has a robust Japanese language and culture program. Earlham College was one of the first higher learning institutions to offer student wilderness programs in the 1970’s. Students can participate in over 60 student organizations, or they can join sports and recreational groups. The most popular clubs host rugby, ultimate Frisbee, competitive dance, martial arts and equestrian activities.

The Earlham College Quakers varsity teams compete in the NCAA Division III Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference every year. They are also a member of the North Coast Athletic Conference. The football team has been playing since the 1890’s, but there are also tennis, soccer and cross country teams. Every year, Earlham College has students from 70 to 80 countries, which is extremely high for a small liberal arts college. This impressive level of diversity is contributed to the college’s strong relationship with the United World College’s network of global high schools.

About 70 of students participate in a semester long global experience in Japan, Europe or South America. The most famous graduate of Earlham College is the famous actor Michael C. Hall who starred in the TV show Dexter. Earlham College Accreditation Details -Earlham College has been accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’ Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1913. Earlham College Application Requirements Earlham College maintains very stringent admissions requirements. Every open position will have at least six applicants.

The college prefers students who are intellectually curious, academically ready and comfortable with diversity. Prospective students must submit a Common Application, which includes their secondary school report, counselor recommendation, teacher’s recommendation, application essay and high school transcript. Students should have completed four units of English, three in math and at least two in science, social studies or a language. The admissions board gives preference to students with experience in studio or performing arts.

Standardized test scores are optional for everyone except home-schooled and international students. Earlham College Tuition and Financial Aid The tuition for Earlham College will be around $44,370. Books and supplies will be $1,200, lodging $4,950, personal expenses $1,800, meals $4,620, fees $930 and travel will be $500 to $2,000. This comes to a grand annual average of $54,870. The good news is that almost 90 percent of students receive some type of financial assistance. This is possible through outside scholarships and federal and state grants.

Some of the most common scholarships include the achievement-based Presidential Honors Scholarship, the Bonner Scholarship for students committed to volunteering and the Quaker Fellows Scholarship for students who are interested in the Religious Society of Friends. There is also the achievement-based Cunningham Cultural Scholarship, the Rariden Scholarship for residents and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation awards. Federal Pell Grants provide up to $5,645 every year. The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG) is for students with demonstrated financial need.

The Earlham College Grant and Earlham Endowed Scholarships are internal need-based grants. Enhancement Grants are available for students who meet Indiana’s CORE 40 program requirements. Federal Perkins Loans are offered to students with significant financial need. Earlham College Student Experience Earlham College offers degrees in five main divisions: humanities, interdisciplinary, social sciences, natural sciences and the visual and performing arts. For example, the Film Studies degree introduces students to visual, textual and verbal methods of artistic communication.

The Film Studies program integrates course from different academic programs to provide students with multifaceted approaches to film. This means that students study cinema through aesthetic, cultural, and historical lenses. Students are taught to analyze and interpret visual images and films throughout the history of the medium from around the world. Students may choose a concentration in video production and continue their education through the partner program of GLCA New York Arts Program. Some students also choose to select an appropriate minor in a language, such as Japanese Studies, to complement this degree.

Students study the relationships between film and literature, so they learn about cinematic technology and how it influences themes, characters and narration. Studying the philosophy of film will investigate the relationships between abstract concepts and visual narratives. Although it’s location is somewhat remote, Earlham College is a great place for students to prepare themselves for language-based careers. The TESOL major is perfect for students who want to teach foreigners locally or travel abroad to teach English.

This program combines the study of language, culture and language teaching. There are available study-abroad programs in countries like Mexico, Japan and Germany. Other students choose to obtain an ESL teaching certificate and work within the U. S. Some students continued to graduate studies in TESOL or linguistics. TESOL students have the opportunity to become ESL teaching assistants in Earlham College. Students will be introduced to the theoretical foundations of language acquisition through hands-on classroom demonstrations that teach techniques and processes.

Learning about linguistics means that students will explore the nature of human language and it’s continuing evolution and diversity around the globe. Studying sociolinguistics means that students will understand how languages functions within social contexts. This program concludes with a practicum, internship or field study. Students who are interested in just languages can pursue a degree in comparative languages and linguistics. Earlham College is a highly selective institution that is dedicated to attracting and retaining serious students. Earlham College is one of the most distinguished liberal arts schools in the U. S.

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