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Why I Want To Play Football Essay

Imagine the Night Lights fans cheering and walking out on the field. Football to me is life just like they say ball is life. I started loving football when I was young. My step dad used to make me play football for an older team. The position I started playing was running back, I was the best at it. I scored many touchdowns on my team. They called me the best player. People started telling me that I should go to the NFL. I was so great at my position that people started liking me and saying that I should go to the pros. Now I am looking forward to going to the NFL and being the next big thing (Bradley, Daniel. “Football Players’ Responsibilities).

Football to me is life just like they say ball is life. I want this career because I look up to people who are my size and made it to the NFL like Tavon Austin.I’m dedicated to do what it takes to reach that goal and I’m fit for the job. Football is also about having heart and not being scared. You can’t play football and is not in shape and poor meaning weak. It takes all the players on the field for the team to function. You can’t lack the field and think it won’t affect your team. This is a spot where you have to really be dedicated.

Football is a sport that goes far back when your ancestors were here. The history of American football can be traced early versions of rugby football and association football. Both games have their connections of it in Britain in the mid 19 century,which a football is kicked at a goal. This turns into English public school football games. The football you see today is nothing like it was back then. Nowadays they have better equipment then it was back then. They had no type of pads or hard gear but now they are protected. Football has come a long way so now everyone is protected (History Of American Football14)

Tavon Wesley Austin is a person who is small but has great talent and makes an impact on the field. He is an American football receiver and return specialist for the St Louis Rams. He is a big help to the Rams because he puts many of points on the board. When the team is down Tavon scores a touchdown and put the team back in the game. When the team thinks that the game is over Tavon has hope and shows it. He is faster than most players on the field. It is easy for him to blow past other players. Tavon Austin is an unordinary player to me in a good way (Tavon Austin).

You should always be on your best because you would never know who’s watching. Scouts travel the country looking for potential draft picks because of the college ranks. Scouts come to your practices and watch your practice because they might like the way you play. All NFL teams have large scouting operations. There will not just be one person there might be at least 10 scouts. They will have extensive knowledge of the skills that make you a successful player. Everything you think you know they already know. Be careful of how you practice because you will never know who’s watching.]

Everything I do I will do it to the best of my ability and take it step by step. I will be the best in all the jobs I do and try to be the best. For the people that have been there longer than me they will know I am coming to be better than them. Meaning I will come as a freshman playing like a senior. Most freshman that come in are not that talented but I will be a talented one. When I mess up I will keep trying and listen to the people that will help me. I know that I can’t take everything on by myself so I will get the help I need. No matter the size I am I will be the best!

When I am successful I will give back to those that gave to me. First I will organize and count my money.(E1)Meaning I will make sure I have all the money that I earned. Then I will open up businesses for my family.(E1) that way I won’t go broke because I will get a cut out with every business that I’ve opened. Lastly I would give back to my neighborhood by buying them a new court and pool.(E1) I know the courts and pool aren’t so good anymore because it has been there for so long so I will order a new one. I will help those that have helped me.

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