Why People Wear Helmets Essay

What is the purpose of a helmet (i. e. why do people wear helmets)? (2): The purpose of a helmet is in an uncontrolled environment it acts as safety gear that can minimize and prevent injury to the head. People wear helmets to “protect [themselves] from head injuries that can kill you” (Consumer Report, 2016), … Read more

Concussions In High School Sports Essay

Each year, approximately 1. 6 to 3. 8 billion Americans receive concussions from sports and recreational activities. Many of the people suffering from concussions are involved in competitive sports, especially high school sport teams (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention). While participating in a high school sport is normal, the players would not want … Read more

Essay On Artificial Turf

As artificial turf grows in popularity, questions about health risks arise. It seems as though every school with an athletic field wants to install artificial turf. Some parents worry about their children spending time on fields that may produce cancer causing agents. Professional sports experts suggest artificial turf may cause more knee injuries to athletes … Read more

Dangers Of Concussions Research Paper

Imagine waking up day by day and feeling weaker everyday and not being able to do usual tasks. Difficulty swallowing, breathing, and walking are the symptoms to ALS which are caused by muscle weakness. Forgetting where things are placed, confusion, depression ,anxiety and suicidal thoughts links with CTE. Rules should be extended to a certain … Read more

Sustainability Of Rugby Essay

Rugby is regarded around the world as a high intensity, physical, and challenging sport. In the United States, it is regarded as a barbaric, un-regulated, and foolish sport. This misconception comes from the widely inaccurate notion that concussion among other injuries is inevitable in the sport. Rugby is beginning to take hold in high schools … Read more

Essay On Sports Hernia

A sports hernia is a tear in the muscles of the groin. This commonly occurs in high level athletes that are involved in twisting or turning activities at full speed, such as soccer, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, track, and basketball and football players. Typically this injury occurs from hyper-extension of the abdomen with hyper-abduction of the … Read more