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Essay: A Fictional Narrative

After Tyler’s dissapearrence from existance, he then woke up to a cold morning in Norwood as Tyler arose from the cold hard road, he then tried to get a feel for his surrondings and then realized his location. “Wh-What am I doing in Norwood? ” Tyler asked himself out loud. As he looked around his surroundings, he does not see any form of life in sight; the city was empty. After taking in his surroudings, Tyler then remembered what part of Norwood he was in, he commented “This is Smith Road, a-and to my right is Ida Avenue… how’d I get here? “.

He then heard a voice that responded “Like what your Mom said, you’ve never left”. Tyler then turned around to see a girl who was about nearly five feet high, although she looked a year younger than Tyler. At the sight of her, Tyler had to ask “Who are you? “, the girl then responded “Name’s Gina, I’m sure you remember me? “. He didn’t want to believe that it was Gina but it was, he remembered what she looked like and it was an exact match. Tyler asked her “What are you doing here? “, she responded “To take you down a road that’ll make you feel, complete, in a way”.

He then questioned “Journey? To where? “, Gina then took one second to answer that question by saying “What was that village you moved to? “, he then answered Batavia and then she answered “Yeah, that place” She proceeded to get off the wooden fence and then started to walk a few feet eastward, Tyler asked “Wait, where are you going? “, Gina then answered “Back to your place, and you’re coming with me, let’s go”. A strong feeling that Tyler had to listen to her command prompted him to join Gina on their excursion to Batavia.

The two both started walking down Ida Avenue, the street where he lived in. Then the duo made a left turn and then Tyler looked up at the sky because that’s what he would sometimes do when walking, he was seeing scenes of Madelyn’s life flash across from the sky, in those visions, Madelyn looked different and her backstory was different, Tyler saw a baby Madelyn being raised by wealthly, yet distant parents, and that she had an aunt Marilyn that she never really liked, she became distant herself as a result, that was, until she met a person who changed her life for the better.

After the visions of Madelyn faded away, Tyler tried to get Gina’s attention to bring up about the visions that he marveled, but Gina didn’t quite understand what he was saying. Tyler gave up on convincing Gina about that vision he had, afterward, they continued their journey. Tyler then noticed he did not felt hunger or thirst, this baffled him for quite sometime aside from that vision.

Looking back up in the sky, Tyler then saw another vision, but it was with Ant this time, in that second vision he saw Ant reimagined as a Asian-American who has a secret interest with manga and anime, nevertheless, he is a quiet kind of person. Gina then told him “Life is a interesting journey huh? ” Tyler was zoned out but came back in focus and answered “Oh, Y-Yeah life is some journey”. As they continued walking Tyler then saw more visions it was a vision of Jordyn looking different and he has a secret nerdy side hidden with a tough-guy facade, Tyler then saw a vision of Taylor but she looked different as well.

The visions were starting to annoy Tyler in a deeper level and he’s wondering why these visions are happening, a couple of hours passed and Tyler and Gina continued their walk without any rests due to Tyler’s stamina not deteriorating, the lack of hunger, lack of thrist, the visions, and recently lack of stamina. Tyler then stopped walking and then told Gina with a lot of concern “Okay, this is ridiculous. What’s really going on here, I don’t feel hungry and we’ve been walking for nearly two hours. What is going on here!? ”

Gina then sighed and softly told him “Remember that furneral? Well while you vanished into thin air you were reborn. I know what’s troubling you in your heart and soul but, like what your Mom said before, that was all in the past, you even moved on from it during the summer, never mind what the haters say; you’ll ignore them until they fade away, kinda like what you did. I know you once said a quote, a wise man once said “Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.

Or how about that change is the law of life? “. After hearing about the first quote, this phrase spoke to him on an emotional level, she continued talking to Tyler, saying “I know that you have some doubts about this really being Norwood, and that’s the point, this place is actually just floating islands in the middle of a white nothingness. And I’m helping you get to the door that will fast-forward your reborn life until you reach the age of 17, by the time we’ll get there, you would feel like you’d forget this whole funernal and the walk here”.

Tyler did understood what she said and responded “I see, I think I get it now, I really do get it now”, which made Gina give a soft smile as they both resumed their trek. Tyler then had more visions, he saw vision of Amily but she looked totally different and heard a last name in the vision, then he had another vision; he saw Veena with a different hairstyle and in her human form, she was sporting a different-looking outfit, then he had a vision of Sarah with her outfit looking somewhat different and new hairstyle. He and Gina continue walking, but Tyler felt his heart warmed up as they forged on with their journey.

More visions appeared, there was a vision Rikuto overlooking something from a balcony, he was wearing a different jacket and he has a more emo-looking haircut. Next came a vision of Trap Rennae wearing a different top and other features, after that came a vision which depicts Aurora wearing a different outfit and sees a green-haired man embracing her from behind. Afterward, one last vision came to Tyler as he was nearing the endpoint of the journey. As the duet reached to a familar door, Tyler’s smile grew wide as the sun sets behind them and the world transforms back to how Tyler remembered it.

I want to thank you for this” Tyler happily said, Gina replied “You’re welcome Tyler, now let’s get you back home”. At that moment, the two entered the door and are inside the apartment building, then they proceeded to climb up the stairs all the way up to the third floor, at that same door Tyler himself became different-looking too, next Tyler and Gina opened the door to discover the room was dark, as they both proceeded a few feet into the apartment, the lights then came on and a group of people yelled “Surprise! “.

Tyler was stunned to discover the source of the surprise was from Madelyn, Taylor, all of his friends and even the same people he saw from the funeral; the whole room was crowded with happy friends glad to see Tyler. “Aww, you guys” Tyler happily said seeing what everyone went through for this suprise party, at one corner of his eye, he saw Aurora and that green haired guy holding hands, Taylor then brought out a cake for Tyler and written in blue frosting reads ‘Rebirth’, this didn’t bother him one bit as he did not noticed, then the party really got to start as everyone had a great time.

Later, as all the guests left and then Tyler went back into his room, he then got onto Youtube to watch some gameplay videos. As Tyler started looking, he then lifted his water bottle and raised it in the air as a toast to metaphorally say ‘Here’s to the future, because I’m done with the past’. Tyler gave a warm smile as he found a video to watch. Starting at that moment, Tyler is going to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.

Meanwhile Gina and Tyler’s Mom met up in the empty living room. They both sat down on the couchs and his Mom said “We’ve done good work on Tyler here”, Gina then responded “Yeah, and our work here is done”. Then they started metamorphsizing into unidentifyed beings; taking the form of Tyler’s mom and Gina to convince him better. The two beings then turned into balls of light and vanished right there on the couches.

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