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Zombie Survival Plan Essay

If and when a zombie apocalypse occurs it is essential to be prepared. You will need to out smart the rest of society in order to survive. Before I explain a survival plan it is important to understand what you’re dealing with. The walking dead, which are also known as zombies, feed on living human flesh. According to The Zombie Survival Guide written by Max Brooks, a zombies origin stems from a virus known as Solanum. Solanum works by traveling through the bloodstream, from the initial point of entry to the brain.

It is critical to stay clear of zombie bites and scratches because they are infectious and the only effective treatment is amputation. It’s understandable to be frightened during a global and sudden disaster. But bringing your emotions with you while trying to survive will simply kill you. There’s no need to even be scared of zombies because they are slow and dumb. In fact, you should be more afraid of other people since their won’t be any military and police agencies to keep you safe. This may sound barbaric but people will be killing each other in order to survive.

It’ll probably be smart to go as far away as possible from populated cities. If you can find trustworthy people then form an alliance. However, I don’t recommend going after your family if they are anywhere from an hour or 2 away from you. Now that we understand who and what we’re dealing with we can now plan a survival plan. When the zombie apocalypse occurs the most important thing to do is find shelter within 3 hours. To find shelter you’ll need to find somewhere that can block out crowds of zombies. For instance, a prison that has strong walls or a military base.

Looking for shelter in populated cities can be tough. The smartest thing to do is get in your car and drive towards the mountains or anywhere that’s isolated. Another solution can be going above or underground. For instance, lighthouse’s can be pretty secure and often isolated. Underground bunkers can also be a wise choice. If it were me in this situation I would drive to the Santa Cruz mountains with my family. Oddly, my dad has prepared us for the world ending by ordering some essential supplies such as a straw that filters water.

If the mountains look to be unsafe I would make my way to the ocean and take a boat to some island. Realistically, if a zombie apocalypse went down in San Jose it would by chaos. People already don’t know how to drive so the roads would be a huge disaster. I live in south San Jose and it’s pretty crowded here. My best bet is to head towards Morgan Hill since there’s less people their but that can’t be an option if the roads are backed up. I live minutes away from the hills that eventually lead to the Santa Cruz Mountains. I could go through there to get away from civilization until everything calms down.

Once things are calm, I’ll come back to San Jose to stock up on supplies then head back to Santa Cruz and get a boat. A boat is the safest shelter because people on land can’t get to you and walkers can’t get to you. Another way to find shelter is to find a couple buildings maybe like 4 or 5 stories high, that are close to each other and make a living through those buildings. You can get up the staircase then destroy it. Zombies can’t climb so you’ll be perfectly safe. All you’ll need is a latter to let down every time you leave.

It’ll even be safe place for people to hide from other people because you can easily destroy all the staircase entrance and leave only a role up latter to get in and out with. Supplies are the next most important thing. During the apocalypse people will immediately go to places like Walmart, Target, or Costco. These people will in fact die. I think its best to just take any and all supplies you have at home with you. Like I explained, my plan would be to head as far as possible from civilization until things calm down. Maybe that’ll take 3 weeks or maybe even 3 months.

Once things have calmed down, I would head straight to Home Depot to take things like, back up generators, duck tape, rope, crowbar, binoculars, helmet, flint, and a shovel. Then I would head to Walmart of Target to get food that will last awhile. Another smart thing to do is go somewhere like Orchard Supply and stock up on seeds so you can grow your food. When scavenging for supplies you’ll need to remember to get things that’ll be useful so don’t stock up on jewelry, make up, or other unnecessary things. Aside from scavenging for food and other essentials it would be smart to scavenge for medicine at drug stores.

It’s important to stock up on antibiotics, pain killers, and morphine. Some other places to look for medicine would be elementary schools, high schools, hospitals, or anywhere that has a first aid kit. Ideally, you’ll want to protect your body so the smartest thing to do is wear tight clothes and keep your hair short. Once you’ve stocked up on supplies you should then look for weapons. Getting your hands on a gun will be difficult especially since everyone else in a populated city will want to do the same thing. Rifle, shotgun or assault rifle are good weapons if you can get your hands on them.

With guns comes ammo, you’ll need 300-600 rounds. However, I wouldn’t rely on guns because eventually you’ll run out of ammo and you’ll need something that’ll last forever. When thinking about weapons you also need to remember that you’ll probably always be on the run so you should have a comfy backpack to store some supplies and weapons but not to the point were it’ll weight you down. Clearly, guns aren’t going to last forever so another powerful weapon would be a cross bow, with all the time you’ll have you might as well learn how to shoot a cross bow it could just save your life.

For me, I’d use a sword as my weapon because it’s not heavy and it’s easy to use. But I would stock up on other weapons as well. Remember, blades don’t need reloading. If you can get your hands on a gun I would conserve ammo and use Melee weapons when possible. Honestly, you can even survive without using weapons to kill zombies. All you need to do is run or walk past them, it’s not like they’re incredibly smart or fast. When using a weapon it is important to remember to always aim for the head when killing a zombie.

Once you’ve settled into your new lifestyle you’ll want to remember some key things like, keep moving, keep low, keep quite and keep alert. When you’re going out to look for supplies you should travel in groups and take 2 cars just in case something happens to the first one. It would even be smart to rely more on a bike than a car because bikes can last forever, and since zombies are extremely slow they can’t really “catch” you. Maybe keep a bike in the trunk of your car as a back up solution. In order to survive you’ll need to go old school to supply your own food and water.

You’ll need to use wells to get water, farm for food, and hunt for food. Your shelter will be your new home and you’ll need to protect it in every way possible so other people won’t steal from you and also so that zombies don’t kill you in your sleep. I would recommend putting traps all around your new home. Also, you should hide back up supplies and food just in case something happened to your new home. Always have the mind set to be on the run. and that’s how you’ll survive. Now that you know everything you need to in order to survive hopefully you won’t due.

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