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John’s Zombies: A Narrative Fiction

“Not you and Jackie,” asserted John’s mom, “there is a government space project. They are planning to take as many people as they can off Earth and then hope in a year the zombies will die off on their own. ” “Zombies like in the movies? ” John questioned staring at his parents serious face. John’s dad hands him the shotgun in his hands and insisted, “Here you’re going to need this. Just go downtown to the new science lab that’s where the rockets are. ” Back in the car Jackie looks around the car and begins to worry about what is taking so long. She had no idea what to do and honked the horn. John still hasn’t come outside.

She leaves the car running up to the door and kicks it down. She looks inside and saw John standing there in the kitchen putting some food into a backpack. “What are you doing Jackie? ”John argued, “You’re making so much noise they probably heard you and are going to come into the house any minute. ” “Then let’s go! I’ve been waiting in the car forever. ” Jackie added. John looks at fridge and then back at his backpack. They decided they had enough food for a couple more days. They exit the house and get back in the car. John explains to Jackie everything his parents told him and she began heading for the lab.

They drove into the city when the car begins to slow down. Jackie pulls over and they take a look at the car. John looks at the car. “Besides this car being old as a dinosaur there is nothing wrong with it. ” expressed John. “The gas! ” pointed out Jackie looking at the gas meter on the car as it read empty. “You were supposed to remind me to fill it up on the way home. ” She grabs an old gas can out of the trunk and grabs John, “Let’s go find some. ”They prepare to run a few miles looking for gas and then finally begin to see some sunlight after the long night.

They ran two miles down the main street and finally find the gas station. It was blocked off by sandbags and barbed wire. “What now,” panted John trying to catch his breath. “We try to get in,” planned Jackie as she tries to get over the fence. “Help me get over and I’ll take a look at what I can. ” John doesn’t want to argue with Jackie and helps push her over the barbed wire. “Did you ever think how you’re going to get back? ” asked John as Jackie searches around the gas station for anything useful. “I found some wire cutters in here, we can use these to get out,” Jackie said.

She holds up the wire cutters and walked back to John. when she got out she stopped by the fuel tank and tried to get some gas for the gas can. It had a little bit left. “Most of it must’ve been used for the rocket,” Jackie smiled and John face palms regretting not staying in the car. She gets the most gas she can and makes her way out of the station. Jackie cuts through the wires and steps over the sandbags. John takes the gas can from Jackie and hooks it onto his backpack.

They were just about to start running back for the car when they were stopped by a scream. Sounds close! ” panicked Jackie “We should check it out. ” John looks at her and shouted, “We have been here longer than we should be. The rocket. is going to launch without us and i’m not going to let that happen. So let’s go or I’ll go. ” John didn’t even allow Jackie to reply and began walking away. Jackie makes a sudden reach and grabs John’s shotgun out of his backpack and ran in the other direction. John doesn’t bother to chase Jackie and starts running back to the car. Jackie follows the shrieks of the person until she is stopped by a bunch of zombies.

She aims down the shotgun into the crowd of zombies and fires. The shot was way off where she was aiming but it still was able to clip one of their legs off. The zombie fell hitting the ground and revealed a man who was held up against the wall. He was terrified clutching his handgun and tearing up in his eyes. Jackie stares at the man and then fires two more shots at the crowd of zombies and hits two in the chest. They fell back from the powerful rounds but they both got up almost instantly. “Aim for the head,” cried the man while he tries bashing in a zombie’s skull with the handle of his gun.

Jackie doesn’t respond and fires two or more shots into the head of one zombie and the leg of another zombie. The man breaks free from the zombies grapple and runs at Jackie. He grabs the shotgun and fires at the zombies. He was able to take them all out without wasting a shot. He takes a breath of relief and hands her the gun back. ”You need to work on your aim,” said the man, “Also my names Tony thanks for saving me. ” “I had it,” mumbled Jackie grabbing the weapon and putting it away. “Was that you who was screaming out there earlier? ” she questioned. “No it was my brother Todd.

Are you heading to the rocket alone, because i can help you. I’m a pretty good shot and won’t eat a lot of food. ” pleaded Tony. Jackie looks at him with disgust and starts walking back to the gas station. “Um I don’t have a map or anything but i think the rocket is this way,” Tony said pointing towards a giant billboard that had an arrow pointing down and read, “This way survivors,” Jackie ignores the advice from Tony and continues going her own way. Tony follows Jackie as she makes her way back to the road where John was waiting there for her with the car.

“Who is this guy,” questioned John with an angry face. This is Tony he can help us get to the rocket,”replied Jackie terrified for what John may say next. “No! ” screamed John, “We are going to get there on our own. We don’t need help from some stranger. ” Jackie didn’t reply and got in the car with John. They continued to make their way to the lab and Jackie shared everything Tony told her with John. The car ride was long and silent as John was frustrated as he drove and Jackie didn’t want to make him angrier by saying something. They didn’t stop during the ride, even when zombies were in the middle of the road John refused to stop and went right through them.

They finally made it to the lab and the car barely had any fuel left. The two reach into the trunk and grab their backpacks. Jackie then spots the large box in the trunk. It was the weapons they made at the warehouse. Jackie scurries to John holding his blade gun and hands it to him. “What is this? ” asked John as he hesitates to take it. “The gun we made at the warehouse. ” Jackie says as John takes it and examines it. “You know the place we would go to before this world went crazy. ” John was stunned and speechless “I… uh… thanks,” John said tearing up a bit and trying not to smile.

They begin to head to the entrance where a large gate blocked the way in and zombies hoarded around it. Jackie turns her chainsaw on and holds it up to the beating sun. The solar panels shine as sun rays bounce off of it and ignite the engine of the chainsaw and the blades start spinning. The sound of the chainsaw drew the zombies attention and they started walking towards John and Jackie. John reaches back into the bag and grabs four saws and slide them into his backpack. A zombie creeps up to John and opens its mouth. Grabbing John’s arm and pulling it close.

John tries to shake loose from the tight grip but it won’t let go. John falls it ground and stares at the zombie holding his arm and moving in to bite. Then the zombie stops and John watches a chainsaw blade split through the skull of the zombie and movie down it splitting it in two. Jackie gives John a hand. John grabs his blade gun and fires his first shot at the hored around the gate. They watch the saw fly through the air and it slides its way cleanly through seven zombies cutting their heads off. John puts away the blade gun and pulled out his shotgun. Him and Jackie proceed to fire their way through the zombies.

John shot their heads off in bunches while Jackie individually slices her way through with the chainsaw. They spent over an hour fighting off zombies and the gate was finally clear. But they were stopped by a loud scream coming from behind them. The scream was familiar to them but they couldn’t remember why. They look in the distance and spot a man running from a big horde of zombies. It was Tony and he was running right at them leading the what seemed like endless horde of zombies right at them. John pulls his blade gun back out and fired a blade straight into the crowd not caring if he hit Tony or not.

Tony ducks and the blade takes out tens of zombies with the one shot. But it didn’t make any difference, the zombies didn’t slow down and with only two shots he never would be able to clear them. Jackie hurries and opens the gate and they walk inside. They hold the gate open waiting for Tony. Tony dives into the door getting scratched on the leg in the process. John helps Tony up while Jackie tries to close the door. Zombies pushed their way into the gate holding it open a small bit. Tony gets up and helps Jackie try and close the door but too many zombie arms are blocking the way to shut it close. Stand back,” commanded John as he grabbed his bladegun and fired his third shot through the gate opening.

The blade slides its way through the gate and takes out the zombies holding it open. Jackie and Tony were leaning on gate and when John fired the saw they fell over and the gate slammed shut. They don’t stop for a second and run into the lab. They followed the signs that directed them to the rocketpad. The launch area was a big open space with security guards roaming around. In the center of the space was a large rocket and it was being fueled for launch. They were approached by a security guard. He stared at them in shock.

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