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Warm Bodies Movie Analysis Essay

‘Warm bodies’ is a zombie movie based on Isaac Marion’s novel. This particular zombie movie that was themed ‘black romance’ is really unique. In the post-apocalyptic universe, the surviving humans have isolated themselves in a safe place in the city, but outside there are many mumbling and shuffling zombies that are still in the human phase just before they turn into skeletal, hideous attackers. Among these undead folks is a handsome man who falls in love with a beautiful daughter of a zombiephobe survivor. The movie tends to allude to star-crossed lovers by Shakespeare but with recent shades.

Warm Bodies is entertaining, smart and has some interesting writings despite the fact that it fudges the issue of zombies – whether it is acceptable for them to run. These zombies gnaw and pounce as they sniff the air for any human flesh. They pound doors and windows and get agitated once confronted with 10-foot cyclone fences. Once they are shot in the head, they die. Basically that is it on the zombie’s side of view because we never get to know what they are thinking. One of the most exhilarating pleasures of this movie is the script flipping. This is definitely a twist on the century’s most popular horror.

Warm Bodies” is a nicely directed and well-placed terrific love story with a lot of humour. In his little boy’s look, Nicholas Hoult’s produces an earnest and award winning performance in his character “R”. One of the film’s most affectionate nods is R’s attempt to fill the audience with the exact nature of zombie apocalypse. Unable even to pronounce his first name, although he is sure it starts with letter R, the kid has accepted that he is a zombie and do not even deny his hunger for human flesh – but he still has some traces of living human inside him.

He spends most of his days in an airport imagining about his previous life and that of his fellow zombies. R listen’s to music in a grounded airplane that he has converted into a condo and creates a bond with M. Deep inside; M still seems to be having many traces of his former humanity inside him. Working with short stories from Isaac Marion, director Jonathan infuses this movie with jokes and stylistic flourishes. Three major species populate the earth after the post world nightmare. First, there are humans scared of seeing their children, spouses and friends who were either killed or turned into zombies.

The humans are armed and are ready to shoot any corpse that intends to get into their walled city. Zombies on the other hand live in the warehouses and airports and are ever alert for their next human meal. Finally, we have Bonies. Bonies are those zombies that have lost all hope and instead resort to destroying their flesh leaving skeletal creatures that would sooner start taking down a zombie. There is a huge difference between being dead, really dead and dead truly – this difference can be seen when R decides to bond with Julie.

Meeting involves slaughter and consumption of the brain and this enables a zombie to gain access into the memory of a dead character. Apart from the small details, R’s and Julie’s courtship is never all that different from what we have previously seen in human to human relationships. Palmer and Hoult have natural and lovely chemistry even when the times are silly or grisly. Maybe after acknowledging that he could not out-crazy the content, John Malkovich carefully delivers a relatively restrained action as Julie’s father who leads the military force that operates under the rule of killing first and never asking questions.

This man is no nonsense to the extent that he would probably hesitate letting his daughter date a human leave alone a zombie. Some of the musical choices are easy and broad. Even after getting the message, it is delivered several more times. However, those are just a few drawbacks; otherwise, “Warm Bodies” is a great entertainment. In this movie, zombies have a very vague memory that they were once human beings. However, R seems to have retained many human characteristics than the rest. The more time that Julie spends with R, the more R becomes a human being. This relationship is definitely noticed by other zombies.

The strange union triggers long dormant memories inside them and they slowly rekindle their senses of humanity. Instead of hunting the humans, they start helping them. “Warm Bodies” therefore encourages us to see beyond whatever we assume we are aware of in other people and instead try to understand them. We learn that hope and kindness could be as contagious as a plague. From the spiritual point of view, the movie intends to remind us that we are all dead if we do not have the love and grace of Christ. Once we have received that love, then we have been given brand new life.

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