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Personal Narrative: The Zombie Apocalypse Essay

Zombies, walkers. The dead. Whatever you call them. They’re everywhere. No joke. I guess you could say it’s the Zombie Apocalypse. It started out normal. I came home from school and made some food, I heard a knock at my door, I thought to myself, Okay, answer the door. I asked myself why I was so scared, Am I socially awkward? Nah. Tanswer the door. No one is there. Why am I so worried? I don’t even know. I shut the door. I walked upstairs and turned on the TV. *BREAKING NEWS* I wasn’t normally “into” watching the news. It’s kind of depressing. Rarely positive.

But I stayed, it seemed “important”. The Zombie Apocalypse is happening, find a shelter, food, and a trusted adult. Bullshit. I turned off the TV. I’ll have to tell that one to my mom when she gets home from work. I stayed on my phone for like an hour & then decided to do something productive like, shower. Is that productive? Doesn’t matter. Well, an hour an a half later I got out. That was a long shower, but it was so warm. I got dressed and then laid in bed and turned on the TV again, The Zombie Apocalypse, why the hell is this even a thing? I bet it’s all fake, or just a prank.

People shouldn’t be gullible enough to believe it, if they are, why? I stay sitting there watching the news broadcast. It said a virus. Really? A little virus can lead to an outbreak? Still I am not falling for it. But then, they showed, videos, tons. I watched so focused. It had video proof, I thought in my head, Is this true? Why would this be happening? What do I do? I was overreacting. I started flipping out. Grabbing everything I could. Fast. I was scared. Beyond it. I try to call my mom, no answer, I sob for a second then realize, I. Could. Die.

I watched all those Zombie Movies, that made it worse, but I knew what they looked like, and that’s a plus. Well, Is it really? I peek threw my blinds, nothing. What? This is what happens when you believe something so stupid. Ugh. I guess I’m the gullible idiot. I check out back to make sure. Wait…. OH. MY. GOD. I saw a herd off zombies. Atleast 50, What do I even do? At this point I feel totally visible to them. Do I hide? Do I leave? Some many decisions, but yet I have no clue. Did one see me? Are they coming? What if I get bit? Is my family okay? Stop. Just stop.

I was thinking of the worst. Luckily, I was a hunter, I knew how to shoot a gun and cross bow. They were in the garage. Outside. With all those dead creatures. I check the basement, and find a baseball bat, That will do I guess. But I know for a fact I can not take out all 50+ of those zombies by myself. There is no way. I checked the front of my house, still no walkers, I said screw it to the whole I go get my guns and kill 50, or more, zombies. I walked to my best friend Abbi’s house, she was right down the street. On my way I saw nothing, it was silent, I guess everyone did believed the news.

They were right after all. Shocking. I walk to her and bang on her door, to my surprise she let me in, right away. “What’s your issue? ” she said. “Um, turn on the news,” I said out of breath. We watched together for a little, and she realized everything, her parents were there to, luckily. “We need to board up the house, and get this place secure,” her parents said. “Wait, can we please go get Amber? She’s right down the street, I can’t get boarded up in a house without my best friends. ” || asked begging. “I guess,” as Abbi’s mom handed us guns.

They were hunters too. We walked to Amber’s without being bothered. When we got there we banged on the door, she had a bag of stuff and a gun, kind of like she knew we we were coming. Before we got the chance to say anything she said… “Let’s go” We walked back to Abbi’s house, we killed about 5 zombies, they’re populating, more people are getting bit, and dying. Tragic. We boarded up the house, got weapons, and made sure nothing can get in, or out. I wouldn’t say I felt safe, but it did feel better than being in a house, unsecured, with no one but myself.

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