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Zombie Apocalypse Case Study Essay

Zombie Apocalypse: Public Health Procedures “Our role is to develop techniques that allow us to provide emergency life-saving procedures to injured patients in extreme, remote environment without the presence of a physician” (Chris Hadfield). The procedures in the case of a zombie apocalypse are fatal to citizens’ survival. Follow the tips on communication, evacuation, and safety to increase your chances of survival. With the public announcements and everyday communication, people will be able to stay up to date on the current situation.

If the procedures are followed quickly and correctly, the tragedy of a zombie apocalypse should be liminated. Communication is key in the event of a zombie apocalypse. All citizens need to be aware of the best way to avoid infection, safe places to go, and what to do with infected citizens. The Red Cross Representative is in charge of setting up an emergency headquarters, so new plans will be formed to better the situation as it goes on.

Make sure that you stay informed to insure prime safety. To better prepare yourself for a situation before it occurs you can become equip with “a low-end, energy efficient backup phone” (Why you need a ‘zombie apocalypse’ phone). ““Wireless networks often go down during disasters, but hey also can come back online (at least in spots) before power has been restored to buildings. Or sometimes, voice service goes down, but text messages will still work” (Why you need a ‘zombie apocalypse’ phone).

For Example, “the Motofone F3 is a very thin (about 9mm thick) candy bar-style phone with a small e-ink display — a technology with extremely low power requirements, since it mostly draws power only when the screen changes. The handset weighs just 68 grams (2. 4 ounces). The charger is also very small” (Why you need a ‘zombie apocalypse’ phone). This tool can be one of the best ways for you to ommunicate and to stay informed during an emergency situation. However, there are other factors that can help in a state of emergency if you are not equipped with an emergency phone or if the phones are not working.

For instance, if electricity is available then listen and view public announcements though radio, social media, blogs, websites, and television announcements. However, electricity may not be available so make sure that once you receive information of any kind, contact any and all people that you can by word of mouth, and tell the people you contact to spread the word with the people that they know and so on. Also, if the resources are available then make posters or even post on bulletin boards to help inform citizens of what is going on and what they need to be doing.

Pictures on the bulletin boards and posters should be presented for cases where English is a second language for citizens. Translators are part of the emergency response team so if electricity is available all announcements electronically will be made in English as well as some of the other most used languages citizens. Being cautious of your surroundings is a huge key to not getting infected. The skin should always be covered to ensure that you ill not be exposed to the infection.

Another precaution is making sure you are always armed with the appropriate weapons; furthermore, you will be provided with a weapon when entering the isolated area. The weapons will only be used as an act of protection against the infected. Escorts will be provided to protect women and children that are not able to protect themselves. With that being said, make sure you are aware of the symptoms of the infection; therefore, awareness of the symptoms will ensure your safety. Announcements will be made and posters will be up to help communicate what is going on.

Everyone who is not infected needs to evacuate the city by going to isolated areas. Transportation may not be easy to find, however the city will supply the non-infected with sanitary buses. This way of transportation will be available for the first group of people waiting to evacuate. If you are close to a place of isolation or a field, the next best option will be by foot. By foot may be a quicker option for some who live in rural areas. Airlifting is reserved for those who are handicapped or injured; hence, it is the quickest way possible to evacuate the city.

In addition, airlifting could also be used for the wealthy to escape nfected areas. The people who are infected also need to be brought to isolated areas, such as the following: community centers, abandon hospitals, and shelters. They will to be grouped together, so the infection will not be spread to other parts of the city. There will be doctors and scientists at those locations to collect as much information as possible about the disease. When evacuating the area, handicap citizens are not capable of escaping or surviving on their own.

Handicaps are going to be a barrier; therefore, they must be evacuated first. Elderly citizens may be bed rested or frail which will not give them the mobility eeded. The blind citizens will need assistance to be able to reach the rescue area, and the deaf will need assistance to be aware of zombies approaching from behind. Women and children are not as suited to protecting themselves; therefore, they will need someone to defend and protect them. An escort will be required to seek them out and bring them to the location provided.

Once the handicap citizens reach the evacuation area, they will be the first to be rescued. After reaching sanctuary, they will be given the opportunity to be protected and provided for by others to insure their safety. Shelter is a necessity in order to survive. In the zombie apocalypse, shelter is even more important for survival. Fields are often overlooked, but in this situation, they could save many lives. Seeking shelter in an open space can keep people isolated, safe, and increase their chances of not getting attacked, bitten, or scratched by the already infected zombies.

A Red Cross center would also be an excellent place to keep away from the zombies. This would only be a possibility if the Red Cross stations were still intact and able to run. Isolation is the real key in staying safe and not getting infected. Whether people go to a ield, find a working Red Cross, or have their own shelter, the best way to survive is to completely stay away from the infected. People need to remember to stay together and help one another, but they also must use their natural instincts. Shelters need to be secure, and potentially have food and bedding.

In a crisis like the zombie apocalypse, it will be difficult to have such luxuries. However, if the shelter keeps people from getting infected and keeps people alive, it is doing its job. In the case of a Zombie Apocalypse, it is undeniable that injuries will occur. Hospitals will be overwhelmed with patients, so if ou or someone you are helping have minor injuries try to seek help from other sources. The Red Cross stations should have volunteers that can assist with injuries, but make sure that the location is safe before entering.

If you have been bitten by an infected person or think that you may be infected stay away from other populated spaces. Areas that would be expectable to go if you infected would be hospitals that are closed sown, gyms, and community centers. The reason for this is the people who do not have the virus need to go to away from the city but not into other cities to avoid the possibility of spreading the irus. Good places for the unaffected to go to seek safety and areas to set up shelter would be fields, rural areas, and basically areas with little to no population at all.

However, if you or someone you are helping has a major injury and happen not to be infected by the virus, then you may go to a working hospital to receive treatment. Situations where this would be expectable include serious cases of broken bones and physical burns. Any major traumas or internal injuries can be sent to hospitals. If circumstance allow, hospitals will be available, however, they may have to be shut down at any time under unsafe ircumstances or if the virus enters and becomes out of control. Therefore, if it is practical please seek other forms of treatment instead of crowding hospitals.

If it is safe please try to help others with any injures they may have, but keep your safety at your number one concern. Medical Treatment would definitely vary. As the diseases continue to spread, doctors and scientists will find newer and more effective cures. Often, cures are found through the “trial and error” method. Therefore, it may take a while to find an overall cure to end this zombie apocalypse. If someone is scratched or bitten, and they get to a hospital soon enough, mputation might be a possible solution.

It would be better for a person to have to live without an arm or a leg, than to become a zombie, or lose their life. However, doctors must keep in mind the safety and health of themselves and the people that are not infected. If amputation would not work, or was not caught in time, doctors may have to go a different way. The best way would be to give the infected patient medication to ease the pain as best they could. From this point, the doctors could decide whether they want to use the patient for science, or if it would be better to kill them.

It would be a difficult decision and task, but doctors and scientists would have to work very hard and quickly to try and safe as many people as possible. In order to determine a possible cure, scientists must do laboratory investigations to discover what the body processes undergo. By obtaining an infected corpse, scientists are capable of dissecting it and taking blood samples. Once a sample of blood is taken, further tests can be done that will determine what the infection is and why it is occurring. The cells within the sample will be researched and genetically altered to discover what is occurring when they mutate.

After the scientist is fully aware of the cellular alterations, they will begin researching different possibilities of vaccination; therefore, the vaccines will be tested on the living zombies and rodents to determine if it will or will not work. “To become permanently immune to many illnesses, you must either catch it, or be vaccinated against it” (Sciencemuseum. org). After a successful outcome, the vaccination will be trailed on newly infected patients; although, if the experimentation is not successful, scientists will be required to explore other options.

If a cure for the infection is not discovered, scientists will pursue an alternate vaccine that will slow the heart and cause the brain to shut down, thus allowing the newly infected patients to ease their death. The mere thought of a zombie apocalypse is absolutely terrifying. However, staying calm is the most efficient way to follow procedures. These procedures have been carefully planned in order to save as many lives as possible. Remain flexible if this frightening situation was to occur. Our emergency responders are trying to insure that your safety comes first, and we all make it out of this apocalypse alive.

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