Expressive Art Therapy Paper

The psychotherapy I will be covering is Expressive Art therapy. This is a form of therapy that uses the creative arts. Unlike art expression, the creation process of the art is emphasized not the final result. This method is used to help people cope with all types of emotional problems, including depression. (Grumman & Krucik, … Read more

Dance Therapy

For many people, dance is a form of expression and freedom. Dance and movement therapy has been a form of healing in counseling and therapeutic ways for years, but it constantly changing. Dance therapy can benefit one’s life and body in many ways, for patients with different backgrounds, ages, or diagnoses. Dance and movement therapy … Read more

Negatives Of Cbt

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been advised that it is more beneficial in impeding relapse with depression and alcohol use over the long term (Besenius, Beirne, Grogan & Clark-Carter 2013). CBT goal is to identify the problem and identify the negative behavior with the intent to minimize the problem. The idea is to develop techniques … Read more

Overview Of Narrative Therapy Essay

Overview of Narrative therapy Narrative therapy was developed Michael White and David Epston. It is said to be an approach to family therapy that is built on the belief that reality is constructed, organized and maintained through the stories we create. (Corsini & Wedding, 2008) According to Corey’s key terms and definitions narrative therapy is … Read more

Essay about Disadvantages Of Ehr Therapy

Nevertheless, therapists show interest in using VR technology [13]. A survey study among healthcare providers suggested the ability of VR to provide post-stroke treatment regardless patient’s physical or cognitive limits is a valuable tool for rehabilitation [13]. However, the technology itself is currently limited. Thus, VR is not ready to completely supplant traditional treatment methods, … Read more

Human Service Reflection Essay

What exactly is Human Services? Human services is defined as “uniquely approaching the objective of meeting human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems. “(National Organization of Human Services [NOHS], n. d) Ever since I was in my sophomore year of high school I knew that after … Read more