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Danny Boyle’s Trash Theme Essay

There are several connections between the book “Trash” written Andy Mulligan and “Millions” directed by Danny Boyle as the basis is very similar. Some of the similarities in the themes of the two texts are – Poverty, Friendship & Greed. These points are some of many that you can compare the two texts with. The first of the Comparisons between the two texts is poverty, In “Trash” the Main characters (Raphael, Gardo and Rat) are all living in a town called Behala, which in the book is a very poverted town in Manila.

In millions this is the opposite as the Protagonist, Damien wants to give money to the poor as he has found money which he believes has come from God. An example of the poverty in “Trash” is the fact that the main characters have to look through the trash that the city has to find their money and on a lucky day for Raphael he makes 200 pesos ($12. 80 USD) “On a good day I’ll make two hundred pesos. On a bad, maybe fifty? ” (A. Mulligan, Page 6, 2010). Whereas in Millions, Daiman finds a bag full of money which adds up to roughly ? 30,000 ($460,000 AUD) and decided to give it to the poor people he meets.

The theme of Poverty in both of the texts is one of the main basis’ of the book. The reason for this is the Trash boys living conditions and Daimans choice to give money to the poor. This is just one example of how the texts can be compared The penultimate comparison between Trash & Millions is the factor of friendship. There is a very clear connection when it comes to “Trash” and “Millions”, both of the texts have a very similar basis as to who the protagonists are friends with as they both have a very small friendship group.

In Trash there are the three main characters and they don’t trust anybody apart from themselves in the book. “Rat said maybe we could tell you part of it, but I said no. I was the one who said trust nobody but ourselves” (A. Mulligan, Page 103, 2010). In Millions the boy Daiman has just moved to a new building estate away from where he lived before and had to move to a new school, at first the only friends he has are Saints which he imagines. Later on in the movie he makes more friends but nowhere near as many as his brother, Anthony.

The theme of friendship in both of the texts is a main thing as in Trash the whole book is about 3 friends who find a wallet and solve where the money came from and millions is about a boy who makes friends with the saints that he finds in his cardboard house. This is one additional reason of how the texts can be compared. The concluding comparison is the factor of greed. In “Trash” greed in shown in Senator Zapantas actions when he got given money to donate towards the poor parts of Manila.

In millions, the basis is quite different in which the protagonist (Daiman) was in his cardboard house and then all of a sudden the roof concaves and what does it is a bag full of money. Daiman at first believes God was giving him it but then finds out where it really came from. The example of Greed in “Trash” is when Senator Zapanta got given six million dollars to put in to the poor parts of Manila, unfortunately Senator Zapanta has other ideas on what he wants to do with the money, so he decides to put the money towards his own funds and keep it in his basement.

Jose Angelico – ‘He told me he liked to have six million there, because six million filled the shelves. ‘” (A. Mulligan, Page 206-207, 2010) In millions the main character, Daiman was in his cardboard house when all of a sudden he finds around two hundred and thirty thousand pounds, he believes it was sent from god to give to all of the poor people in the world. His brother Anthony however, had different ideas on what to do with the money. Such as – Buying property & bribing people.

When a charity comes to Daimans school and asks for donations of money, Daiman gives them a roll of money. e then tells Anthony what he did. Anthony then goes mad and tells Daiman the backstory of where the money came from, which has a similar story to “Trash” in which the money was robbed from the government. except in “Millions” the money was not stolen by the government and it was actually going to be burnt anyway. Soon the school find out and ask where they found the money, they both say where they found it and they are allowed to keep it. The theme of Greed is one of the reasons that both stories come around.

Both texts have a very strong theme of greed and both of the main characters think the opposite of greed and give to the poor, with the protagonist in Millions giving it to people he finds that are poor and in Trash giving it to where they came from, the poor town called Behala in Manila, It shows that some people in the world are selfish, and some are caring. I think this is a point that was meant to be shown in both of the texts as it is an important lesson for kids to know, especially in Trash, as it shows that not all people are nice, even if they are trustworthy according to what other people may think.

That is the last of my three comparative points between Trash and Millions. There are points of correspondence between “Trash” and “Millions. ” These include – Poverty, Friendship and Greed. Although the protagonists in Trash (Raphael, Gardo and Rat) are very different to Daiman, the main character in Millions (Daiman Cunningham) and lived nowhere near each other, and had no idea who each other were. their lives had many similarities. Both of the texts show the importance of being appreciative to the things you have and think about others as well as yourself. To conclude this is why these two texts are similar and can be compared.

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