Issues In Law Enforcement Essay

Police officers face many challenges when trying to maintain communities’ safe and crime free. Over the last two years there has been a major surge in the amount of communication devices available to the public and the amount of news coverage that we are exposed to. “The public has increasingly turned to cable television, the … Read more

History of American Policing

How the Night Watch System worked as people would volunteer to watch over their neighborhood and keep the piece all night long. Nobody was In charge of doing this, It was strictly whoever wanted to do It could. Soon American scales grew too large for this system, they had to find another way to patrol … Read more

Hate Crimes Essay

After the Civil War, the South suffered from both economic hardship and drastic social change. For centuries, the south had relied on slave. Fear, anger and frustration. These are three themes that run throughout all hate groups. Most hate groups form during times of economic hardship or social change. Certain groups of people begin to … Read more