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Hate Crimes Essay

After the Civil War, the South suffered from both economic hardship and drastic social change. For centuries, the south had relied on slave. Fear, anger and frustration. These are three themes that run throughout all hate groups. Most hate groups form during times of economic hardship or social change. Certain groups of people begin to blame another group for the reason of a major social or economical change. s to harvest crops at plantations. When the slaves were freed, the plantations werent being worked on anymore, causing the owners to loose a lot of money.

When this appened, six former Confederate soldiers started a hate group called the Ku Klux Klan. During the post-Civil War era, the Klan was very popular among southern whites. Their ignorance was feeding the fire that blacks were the root of their problem, when in reality the whites ignorance is the root of their own problems. The Klan has since died down and risen numerous times with the start of many social changes such as the womens rights movement (1920s) and the civil rights movement (1960s). Another large and devastating hate group is the neo-Nazis.

These working-class eople blame all immigrants for taking jobs away from the whites. Their ignorance pushes them so far as to violently attack and kill blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, and homosexuals. Hate crimes can happen anytime, anywhere. In a small Texas town of Jasper, Texas, 3 white men are under heavy guard after being accused of a murder of an innocent man. Shawn Berry,23, Lawrence Brewer,31, and John King, 23, allegedly members of the extremist Aryan Brotherhood, dragged a black man to his death behind a pick-up truck, ripping his body to pieces.

James Byrd, Jr. , a 49 year-old, former vacuum cleaner salesman isabled by an arm injury, was walking home from a party celebrating the wedding of his niece, when he was picked up by the three white men, who offered him a ride. According to Berry, who informed on his two companions, they drove to an isolated wood. James Byrd was beaten and kicked by the three white men. Seemingly unconscious, he was chained by the ankles to a hook on the back of the truck, which then pulled him about two miles along a narrow, winding asphalt road.

His belongings, a wallet and keys, were scattered in his wake, along with dentures and parts of his body. The torso was found in a creek. Close by, empty beer cans were scattered on the grass. James Byrds head, neck and right arm were discovered a mile away. Hate crimes are not always committed against minorities. In Las Vegas, two Anti-Racist Action members were murdered. According to reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal and from Anti-Racist Action in Columbus, the bodies of Daniel Shersty, 20, and Lin Newborn, 25, were found in the desert 150 yards from each other.

The bodies were located in an area of the desert known for a place where Nazis target shoot. The two men were murdered in execution style slayings. Sometimes these horrible crimes occur within ones own family. On the night of March 5, David and Bryan Freeman decided it was time to act. Time to act on the new beliefs they had learned. Time to prove to their new friends that they were real soldiers of the racial war they were told was coming. On that Sunday night, hate came to the Freeman house.

The boys, ages 15 and 17, ambushed their mother in the downstairs hallway, stabbing and clubbing her until she died. Then they went upstairs and did the ame to their dad while he lay in his bed. Their little brother Erik, 11, was asleep when the older brothers entered his room and beat him to death as well. What would make people commit such horrendous crimes such as these? Why dont you ask Mark Thomas, a fascist organizer who operates a ministry for racists in eastern Pennsylvania. It was at this Aryan Nations of Pennsylvania where the Freeman brothers were taught by Mark Thomas that it was O.K. to hate.

The brothers, along with hundreds of others attended a Hitler Youth Festival last April where Mark Thomas taught hem weapons skills on a rifle range and other things of the sort. As a self declared reverend, Mark Thomas teaches a twisted religious known as Christian Identity, which says that anyone that disagrees with white supremacy is a traitor and must be destroyed. Mark Thomas is a hatemonger who has encouraged the kind of violence that David and Bryan Freeman displayed.

The following is a quote from a recent Thomas document entitled Statement of Purpose: The abortionists are professional murderers of children and will continue to ply their satanic trade until Gods judgment is executed and heir lives are taken. The homosexual movement is immensely powerful and will continue to grow and corrupt our children unless its leaders are put to death. Politicians who seek to disarm White Americans will succeed unless courageous people who understand the meaning of the right to keep and bear arms rise up and begin to shoot them.

If nobody is willing to take up arms against tyranny, then there is no purpose to even having a movement. Imagine the Freeman brothers sitting in a circle with other kids, very serious, being taught this stuff. To understand the Freeman murders is to glimpse into the future. There will be more like this. On the good side of things, there ARE ways to fight racism and hate crimes. The easiest thing to do is to speak out. Let yourself be heard. Dont be afraid to express how you feel. Not speaking out against racism and hate crimes is almost as bad as committing the crime yourself.

On July 17, in Brentwood, PA, the KKK tried to hold a rally. A total of 13 Klan members, in full costume, stood on the street corners distributing racist, anti-Semitic literature in an effort to reruit new members. A few people, mostly teen took the handouts, but a much more common response during the Klans 1-hour stay was what a woman who drove by and responded to their chants of white power with White trash is more like it. Another female motorist yelled, Get out of here. We dont want you. Get a life another man screamed.

A woman walking her daughter home from the community swimming pool told them to take their robes off. Your a bunch of freaks she said as she walked past them. ARA is about taking direct action against the problems that lie in front of us today nd organizing to make a real change for tomorrow. Not changes that have the same problems resurfacing with different people getting the short end of the stick, but solutions in which people make the decisions that effect their lives and help build an anti-authoritarian egalitarian society.

Anti-Racist Action is a multi-racial, anti-sexist, pro-gay organization dedicated to fighting oppression in all its forms through direct action. ARA activists have been involved in many struggles across the United States and Canada, ranging from shutting down Ku Klux Klan rallies across the country; to eveloping civilian patrols, called Copwatch (to fight police brutality); from working to free political prisoners; to defending clinics from anti-choice attacks.

So hate crimes are not a funny thing and should not be taken lightly. I think that everyone should try and do their part in their communtiy or where ever and try and stop all of this. Things like this do not only happen with adults it happend with children and then that is when people should really see what they are doing and stop it for the future of the world. Plus it is not the right thing to so in the first place.

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