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No More Sailor Songs

The men’s choir preformed at the Hillcrest High school. They were the first to perform at the concert. Then came the women’s choir, then after that was the more expectance singers performed after the women’s choir. Each group had their own songs to preform but I’m going to talk about the one I performed in which was the men’s choir. I’m going to talk about the good and the bad with our sings. The sings we performed was Sharga, Pirates Life for me, No More Sailor Songs. First song we sang was called Sharga, a Hebrew song.

I’m going to start with the positive thoughts about the performance during the song. For Isaac’s solo at the beginning of the sing he was very loud with good breathe support and was right on pitch with his singing. The first time we went through the quartet we did badly and I will talk more about that later, but our second time around was significantly better than the first. We were just louder and had better balance and better pitch. Another thing we did well on was during the piano solo we were together and came in at all the same time with hey.

Other things we did right throughout the song is we had decent pronunciation and most of the sing we had strong breathe support. However there are some of the things we need to improve on through the song. First is the first time we went through a line we need to have better pitch. We had multiple pitches and seems like no one know their pitches. Next the quartet could be louder during their part because they sounded soft. Another thing we need to improve on is on line C we need a better beginning the first time everyone goes sings it.

We also had soft beginning at each of the line throughout the song. Most disappointing is we did not all start all together on the intro to the song with the hey, which is a bad way to start a performance. Our second song was called the Pirates Life for me, which is about how we love to have the life of a pirate. First with the positives, we had a very strong beginning of the song and said yo-ho all together. Second we had good balance in measure 60-67 with each part being equally loud. Next the piano was very good with it keeping the right tempo and had a good balance with the singers.

What I think we did best in this song was we got the message through to the audience and they seemed to like the song because they were cheering, yelling, and laughing. Although we did do some good things we still do have some badly done stuff. First for what we did wrong is the basses first yo-ho was very soft, quiet, and was drowned out by the tenors. During the chorus the balance in volume was not as good as it could be because the basses were a bit too soft. Finally with the worst of all is the ending of the song. In the ending we had bad accuracy and bad balance.

The ending of pirate’s life for me was not as good as I would want it to be and I think the ending is one of the most important parts of the song. Our final song was No More Sailor Songs, about how we should stop singing sailor songs and how we are sick of them and we want to sing other songs. Again I’m going to start with the positive. First in the chorus we were really balanced, on pitch, and on the yo-ho-ho-ho we were all together, and tone quality was better. During parts of unison we were very loud and strong breathe support.

After the basses say the theme from west side story we all snap to the beat of west side story and we were all together. No one came in to soon or too late and no one kept snapping after we stopped. Another good thing is the German words were very good and pronounced and had a good accent like they were supposed to. Again the audience loved the performance because we can tell they were really loud and cheering and were clapping for us throughout the song. On the other hand we had some bad parts. First of what we could improve on is the beginning of the songs when the basses came in the pitch was bad and we sounded very tight in the throat.

In measure 11 when the basses are supposed to say lose our mind the balance wasn’t very good and all you could hear was the tenors. In measure 33 could be louder and have more of a balance. The pick up to the second chorus was exactly as we wanted it to be and could be further improved. What we could improve on the most through this song is the dynamics because we didn’t go soft when we were supposed to we were just loud all the time. All in all we had our strong points and then we had our weak spots. We had a few parts of songs that were really good then we had others that need quite a bit of improvement.

Some goals I could do to improve my performance in the song is I could be loud and so could the other basses. In most of our songs we were very quiet and drowned out by the tenors. Another goal for myself is we need better pick up into parts. When we sing it would be like 5 people would sing the words just fine and then the others were quite for a few counts then realize what we are doing. Next thing we could improve on is parts need better balance and could be better. And finally we could work on dynamics because in some songs we sounded almost mono tone.

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