Obama Protectionism Analysis

As the last two sections have shown, contrary to popular takes on both the Obama Presidency and US trade politics, Obama’s inducing of protectionist measures into his trade policy does not constitute an overall breaking of the mould in US trade politics, rather it is merely a sustenance of the US executive succumbing to longstanding … Read more

International Trade

Hong Kong, the pearl of Asia has been the center of trade and finance in Asia since the early 20th century. In a short history of about 150 years, Hong Kong has become the source of growth for many nearby economies. In a certain sense, it can be even said that it is a merchant … Read more

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

The US is seeking to extend the duty-free status of international online transactions to protect the development of global electronic commerce, the Clinton administration said yesterday. Susan Esserman, deputy US trade representative, said the US wanted the World Trade Organization to agree “at the earliest possible date” to extend the current moratorium on customs duties … Read more